Ramadan 2019: What We Have to Know Whilst in Bali

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Ramadan 2019: What We Have to Know Whilst in Bali

Ramadan is a holy month for all the Muslims around the world that marks fasting which include in five pillars of Islam as religion: Syahadat or faith, Salat or pray, Zakat or charity and pilgrimage to holy land, Mecca. The Ramadan of 2019 starts this week, from the evening of Sunday 5th May and will last for one month long. It is based on Islamic calendar with the crescent moon as the marking of the beginning. However, as Bali is dominated by Hindu, Ramadan doesn’t significantly affected daily life. Here is what Muslims do and thoughtful things we must consider.

all the muslim are compulsory for fasting

The common practice during Ramadan is fasting from the dawn to sunset. However, the children and a person with unhealthy condition are not allowed to conducting for fasting. Pregnant, breastfeeding and those who on their periods are also exempt from fasting. Having said that, people in these groups are expected to make up the days missed at a later stage, if they are well enough to. It is also not necessary for elderly to fasting. During the fasting time Muslims are abstaining from food, drink and things that affected spiritual condition such as negative thought and emotions like anger and other vices too. During the day, Muslims also increase restraint, such as abstaining from sexual relations. Above all, Muslims will increasing the spiritual believe and preparing for afterlife world after one die.

Ramadan is also a month of reflection and repentance. The Muslims believe that after one month long run the fasting and prayer their body and spiritual condition will getting pure and getting forgiveness from the God. During Ramadan, Muslims only eat break fasting known as iftar or when the sun goes down, till the time prior to the sunset so-called Sahur or pre-dawn meal. All of this observance is a part of spiritual needs.

what happens during ramadan in bali?

Whilst the island may be broadly Hindu, Ramadan doesn’t affect the hustle and bustle of Bali significantly. In 2010, Central Agency of Statistic so-called BPS shows that Muslims in Bali counted to be 13 percent of all the region in Bali, or about more than 520 thousands people and the majority of them living in Denpasar. All the tourism spots, restaurants, resorts and speakeasy are still open during Ramadan.

In other words, near the break fasting time between 6 pm to 7 pm several local restaurant might be fully booked. During that time, the Muslims consider to eat together with family, friends and even their colleague. Non-Muslim also welcomed as the Muslims also try to increase social activity. In several region, Muslims call this moment as “buka puasa bersama”

The crucial things is, however, one week prior to Idul Fitri. We should be more careful whilst driving on the street as the traffic congestion will soaring significantly. It will lasting approximately from May 29th till the end of Ramadan. All Muslims throughout Bali are heading to the home to celebrate the end of Ramadan and welcoming the Idul Fitri that falls on June 5th this year. The local called this huge migration as “mudik” and they used either public or private transportation to get home. Above all, the public transportation such as air transportation and bus are fully booked. The majority of Muslim will heading out and in the island. Having said that, we ought to take concern about post Idul Fitri activity as Bali is one of the best destination in Indonesia to spend a holiday. So, loads of local tourist would come to Bali

it is okay to drink and eat in front of our muslim mate?

Definitely okay but ask first. For several Muslims it might be distracting. Certainly, fasting and Ramadan is about self-discipline, increasing faith, and controlling the personal will. So, on this circumstances the Muslims will tolerate all the activity surrounding as long as the activity are not disturbing.

Tarawih as additional prayer during the night

Not only five times prayer as common, but Muslims will generate extra prayer at night or well-known as Tarawih. This activity performed subsequent to iftar or soon after break fasting time. By the time of tarawih, all the mosque will get crowded. The number of Muslims who come to the mosque will soaring dramatically as Muslims believes that Ramadan is a sacred one as the first revelation of the Quran, Islamic sacred book, received by Muhammad the prophet. This activity followed by read and learn the essential meaning of every words on Quran and in particular condition, some Muslims read the Quran all night long. This as an effort of getting spiritual well-being.

Zakat or Charity

Spend the wealth for the poor and needy so-called Zakat or charity during Ramadan is obligatory for  Muslims. Above all, they believe by sharing and caring to people surround they will gaining welfare condition in the next year. Having said that, Zakat which means purifies in Arabic, is considered one of several way to purify the income. So, along to purifying the body and the soul as fasting, Ramadan is the best time to purifies the revenue as well.

Food that matters a lot

Dates, honey and fruits are influential meal during Ramadan. A great deal of Muslims get dates during breaking the fast as appetizer  as it has sweet taste with high nutrients. Or, in several region in Indonesia people have mixed fruit meal such as Kolak Pisang, a steamed banana, jack fruit and pumpkins that served with coconut milk soup followed by main course. Each region in Indonesia has its variation with the taste and composition that might be differ one another. In other words, sweet and healthy food are encouraged as appetizer. At Sahur, one can drink a spoon of honey or mixed the honey with tepid tea or and another beverage that aims to moisturizing the lips and nurturing the esophagus.

Daily activity during Ramadan

Regardless of fasting, the Muslims work or exercising as usual but perhaps nothing too strenuous. Most importantly, during fasting time it is not recommended in sedentary condition. However, for some people they might be a little lethargic at noon as they had to wake up early in the morning to prepare for sahur and most common person on these type are wife and mother who take care the family meal.

Idul Fitri or Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak or Idul Fitri in Indonesia is an important religious holiday for Muslims throughout the world that marks the end of Ramadan. In other words, Idul Fitri is a sign of new moon after Ramadan so-called Syawal or Shawwal. On this day, Muslims are not allowed to fasting. During this moment, the Muslims have particular prayer called Salat Idul Fitri which concentrated on the biggest mosque nearby and aims for gathering all the Muslims. Soon after the prayer, they beg for forgiveness to all the family members, friends and the neighbor of all the mistake. By doing this, they believe that their body, mind and soul will be blessed.

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