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Vivere per Mangiare a Prego

When the elements of a fine dining restaurant meet the décor and the ambience of a modern Italian kitchen, a charming and convivial restaurant is born. Nestled in Nusa Dua area, Prego has an intriguing space that will tempt your senses with its beautiful stylistic layout and a roomy colourful interior in mitigating tones with a somewhat laid-back vibe. You will be cooled off by the sound of a soft ocean breeze while admiring the glistening tableware atop the pristine linen. Outside the building, an infinity pool is ready for your pleasure, partially shaded by tall and swaying palm trees.

The menu offers energetic yet advanced dishes, highlighting custom-made pasta in an assortment of sauces and pizza with imaginative flavours cooked in a wood-smouldering stove and substantial flame broiled entrées. From crisply baked bread and pizza to home-made pasta dishes finished with great sauces, the whole menu is loaded with enticing alternatives for those who are looking for an authentic Italian eatery in Bali.

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Stack up your plate with fresh well-seasoned calamari, fragile arancini and salty slices of excellent prosciutto topping shapes of multi-hued melon, all-encompassing the star of the dish – an overflowing hill of startlingly crisp, creamy burrata cheddar, served on an energetic serving of mixed greens loaded with bits of pumpkin and sun-dried tomato.

Next up, time to try the ravioli pasta. The dish got curved around the seven cheddar filling to look precisely like a treat wrapper. In any case, the dish is a great deal more than an adorable trick. The smooth pesto sauce and brilliant cherry tomatoes give an excellent stage to the delectable kaleidoscopic pasta.

Westin Prego - insight bali

Consider the Cannoli Alla Siciliana for dessert. The southern style mixture tubes were made using a touch of wine as a part of the player, giving them a light surface and sensitive crunchiness, while the filling of ricotta, chocolate chips, and Timberland nectar was smooth and creamy. The extravagance was cut by a pool of strawberry soup, highlighted with vanilla and basil, and fragments of crunchy candy-coated orange, giving the treat a shockingly complex character.

Whether you dine in by yourself, with the special one, or taking your entire family, this open kitchen restaurant keeps its flavour to the classic Italian style that will bring your culinary journey to a whole new level of satisfaction. As an Italian quote says, “La Vita è Bella,” indeed life seems beautiful being at Prego.

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