Tying the Knot in Bali

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Tying the Knot in Bali

Bali’s exotic appeal is clearly defined not only by its unique and vibrant culture, but also its natural beauty. Bali is a perfect spot for a luxurious yet cheap wedding destination owing to its sweeping mountain panoramas with stretches of rice paddies to exotic sea temples and pristine white beaches. Getting married in Bali is a top consideration for many who have found the love of their lives and are looking for both an exotic and romantic setting to exchange vows.

Combined with the most magnificent villa accommodation, extraordinarily gorgeous backdrops and melodramatic cliff top wedding venue estates, the choice of wedding venues in Bali is just umpteen. And then if you are dreaming of a magical and exotic honeymoon for your romantic escapade, then again Bali has to be your honeymoon destination. The Indonesian island paints a romantic picturesque with the tropical rainbow of shores, towering volcanoes, and dense jungles. To top it all, the rich cultural offerings and lively nightlife make it an exciting destination for couples seeking some wild fun and entertainment.

There are plenty of wedding and honeymoon packages available on the island, but if you want something more intimate and romantic, you have to look for a reliable and professional wedding and honeymoon planner with a strong reputation of handling wedding ceremonies. As for the venue, Bali has more than 500+ wedding venues and the most favourite ones are: Beach wedding venue, Cliff wedding venue and Garden wedding venue.

If you opt for a simple hotel package or villa accommodation for your honeymoon, be prepared for some disappointment as these packages are very limited on inclusion. You will mostly get some flowers on your bed and the cake might not be of a high quality, or maybe some other senseless inclusion that contributes nothing to make the ambience romantic for you.

Most of the wedding packages include everything you need, right from staying in luxurious private cottages/villas with lagoon-inspired swimming pools to guided full-day tours, private snorkelling sessions, diving, boat cruises, couple spa and massage sessions and personalised lip-smacking meals. Your package will include everything making to make your honeymoon in Bali to be the ultimate romantic getaway.

Some of the perks you can look forward to are romantic photo-sessions on a hidden beach, best quality wine/champagne, romantic picnic on the cliff edge/jungle, spa pampering in picturesque places, dreamy dinner at sunset on a boat/secret cave, the choice of a unique craft experience together and many such engrossing and intimate activities.

Some of the wedding packages offer complete wedding experience, including a full-service spa to cater your wellness and beauty needs. After the wedding, you need to re-balance and de-stress both mind and body by Balinese massage, reflexology, hair treatments, facials and many more.

That being said, switch off, take a break from your daily life and experience the best of Bali with these signature wedding or honeymoon packages. You will neither get bored nor overwhelmed, just the best of everything.

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