Travelling North: Banjar Hot Springs

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Travelling North: Banjar Hot Springs

Even if you are an avid and active traveller, rest and relax are essential to maintaining your energy level. Imagine dipping into a hot water after a long day trip. It is a worthy reward and pleasure for an adventurer like you. When you are in Singaraja or central Bali area, no need to wait until back to the hotel for the pleasure. Instead, visit Banjar Hot Springs in the village of Banjar. This natural hot spring can be reached within 30 minutes from Lovina Beach, and is listed as one of the must-do things in Northern Bali. Both domestic and tourists come every day every day to enjoy the amazing natural Jacuzzi experience. With a small amount of entrance fee, you can pamper in the public hot water pools amidst a natural setting.

Upon entering the pool area, you will find three different pools in two areas. In the first area, there are two connected pools. Hot water spews out from the mouth naga (dragon) statues (nice background for a selfie shot) at one side of the pools. The upper pool is narrower and shallower (1-meter depth), with ledges along the edge of the pool, allowing you to sit while in the water. It is advised to start bathing at this pool first to give time to your body adjusting the hot temperature. The lower pool is the largest area with varying depths, making it a better area for swimming or soaking after. The other area has only one small pool, yet it has the highest shower. The hot water cascades from 3 meters high fountains, providing a good massage treatment to the pain in back and shoulder.

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The water in the Banjar Hot Springs is sulphuric water, which has positive benefits for your skin health. After spending time in the hot water, you can wash your body at an open-area natural water shower. There is also a restaurant near the pool area so you may stay a bit longer after changing clothes. Spend your time and relax until you are fully energised to continue your trip in Bali.

Banjar Hot Springs opens from 8 AM to 6 PM. Be advised that general rule for visiting any natural attractions in Bali is to come early if you prefer less crowd. Many places are usually packed in a normal hour during a busy season.

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