Australia Day With Jim Jefferies at The Trans Resort Bali

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Australia Day With Jim Jefferies at The Trans Resort Bali

Giving you a recommendation of the things to do on Australia Day while in Bali, Mad About Comedy Indonesia brings the stand-up comedian, political, commentator, actor and writer Jim Jefferies to the stage at The Trans Resort Bali for a one-night-only show on 26 January.

The indefatigable wordsmith famously has an-hour plus of new material every time he hits the road, and sheer expectant energy from a Jim Jefferies audience is always eccentric. In his almost 20-year career, Jim has delivered seven monumental comedy specials and is one of the biggest ticket-selling stand-up comedians on the planet, to mention his 2016 dates sold over 50,000 tickets across nine cities in Australia alone.

As The Times (UK) said about his shows, “An hour of comedy that increasingly finds a beautiful balance between the jagged and the shrewd, the vicious and the vulnerable.” Jim’s upcoming live of The Night Talker World Tour has been performed at the stages across the USA, Canada, and Asia before ended up in the Island of Bali. Expect a good evening as he performs and entertains with his hilarious routines spanning subjects such as alcoholism, political satire, celebrities, gun control, religion, and sex.

And, ensuring the visitors enjoys the show in a better mood, the host Trans Resort Bali offers a delectable pre-show dinner buffet to savour in before entering The Grand Ballroom. Served from 6PM – 8PM, it is available at IDR 350,000 per person. Or, taking the sunset drink at the gorgeous rooftop bar, The 18th Rooftop Bar.

The ticket price starts from IDR 950,000, can be purchased at
The showtime: 8PM-10PM

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