Top 5 Places to Stop on your East Bali Trip

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Top 5 Places to Stop on your East Bali Trip

At some point, everybody needs to get out from life’s stresses by travelling. Many people believe that heading out to the east side of this island takes a lot of efforts and time-consuming. However, it can also be fun and full of education. East of Bali is a combination between unspoiled surroundings, remote locations and intense vistas. Not to mention, the warm-welcoming attitude from the locals. Here, we give you some insights into the places to see on your next trip to the east.

Bukit Asah Bugbug
If you are on a search for a quiet and a tranquil scene, this semi-concealed spot offers green slopes with the intriguing field of blue ocean. While hearing the roar of the sea waves, you can grasp the blowing cool wind to augment the unwinding of your isolation. Morning visit doesn’t pull in numerous guests, which is a perfect time to visit.

Tirtagangga Water Palace
Very notable for its sacred water and religious activities, this area comprises of three separate edifices each having its own arrangement of lakes and alluring figures which basically add to the magnificence of the general water cultivate. As you enter the place, the primary thing that comes into view is a long column of models of gatekeeper figures. You will also discover the conveniently set polygonal over the lakes and pools. There is a considerable measure of stories behind the making of this garden.

Tirtagangga Water Palace - insight bali

Ujung Water Palace
This place was essentially the resting and amusement spot for the Kings of Karangasem and their visitors, featuring a wonderful stop with colossal fish lakes encompassing the legacy structures. From the right distance, you can have a charming angle of the ocean line and slopes with outright greenery. It additionally shows the magnificence of Mount Agung and close-by green terraced rice fields.

ujung water palace - insight bali

Amed Beach
About 90 percents of the populace in Amed depends on fishing, which clarifies the traditional fishing boats line the shoreline zone. The local people here are genuinely warm and friendly to visitors. With the extensive number of vacationers rushing to this piece of the island every year, this town has attracted so many divers from around the world. You can go for a short drive up from Amed Beach to Jemeluk Bay where you can capture a perfect sight of the great Mount Agung from the sunset point. It is priceless!

Jemeluk Bay - insight bali

Tulamben Beach
Disregarding the Lombok Strait, the ocean water in this shoreline is quiet and clear with degrees of somewhat blue-green shading. Wealthy in marine bio existence with a thousand-year-old wreck and coral greenhouses, Tulamben is an all-year plunging goal for the diving fans, as it can also be an ideal place for submerged photography.

tulamben - insight bali

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