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Who says fun at the beach ends after sunset? The warungs may fold up their colourful umbrellas, but that doesn’t mean the fun stops there. Apart from a dark sea and dots of light on the horizon, there are still more things to do at the beach. An evening by the beach promises a different atmosphere for those looking for a more relaxing chill-out vibe. As the sound of waves gets louder, the joy of gazing at the stars triggers a positive mood. Here are some beaches you can still visit after sunset.

Nusa Dua Beach: Romantic Dining 
Benoa Bay in Nusa Dua owns the reputation as the central of watersport activities. Next to the bustling area, beaches along the Benoa Bay are sometimes considered exclusive as they are a part of a hotel or resort. Hence, the beach area is in general well-maintained and clean. Some resorts have beautiful beachfront restaurants overlooking the bay. Most of them are fine dining or up-class categories, making it perfect for an intimate dinner date.

Nusa dua beach - insight bali
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Ungasan Beach: Jet Set Chill Night 
Secluded at the bottom of a high cliff, the night vibe by the beach in this area has become alive by two famous beach clubs, Karma Beach Club and Sundays Beach Club. The evening by the beach in Ungasan promises relax-in-style vibe with a bonfire, movie night, DJ session and all night party. Make a booking for an evening as jet-sets do.

Sundays Beach Club - insight bali
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Jimbaran Beach: Seafood Galore 
Fresh from the sea to the table, this laid-back fishing village gives a big grin for seafood lovers in particular. Whether it is a self-pleasure, date night or family dinner, Jimbaran Beach vibrates the night with seafood dinner experience under the stars. Hundreds of visitors are filling up the tables every night. To keep your tropical mood at its place during dinner, you can enjoy live music or Balinese dance performance.

Jimbaran beach - insight bali
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Echo Beach: Canggu Hub
If Jimbaran area is out of your reach, Echo Beach allows you to enjoy the evening’s sea breezes on a deck by the beach with restaurants serving seafood and international cuisines. Some of the cafes offer a happy hour for beer or cocktail, perfectly matched with live music starts performing after sunset.

Echo beach - insight bali
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Double Six Beach: Fun & Friendly Night 
Colourful bean bags and umbrellas, loud music – iconic characteristic of Double Six Beach area – is an uplifting one, making this beach stands out from the others. An evening here is fun, best spending with a group of best friends. As the sun sleeps, the music starts to play. Each restaurant has a different kind of music to suit your mood, from pulsing beat DJ performance to the romantic tunes of acoustic guitar performance. Grab some beers and see where your heart leads to for the rest of the evening.

Double six beach - insight bali
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