The Anvaya Beach Resort Bali: Balinese Elegance on Kuta Beach

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The Anvaya Beach Resort Bali: Balinese Elegance on Kuta Beach

Just imagine a falcate bay, greenish-blue in the shallows and azure further out; waves touching the clean white-sand beach every now and then; a jagged range of coastal hills; and a marvellous coastline that never seems to end, does it look like a place of your dreams? Well, this is how Kuta Beach attracts its visitors.

Once a pastoral and laid-back fishing village, Kuta has witnessed a melodramatic transformation over the past few years. Kuta Beach still is one of Bali’s most popular and fashionable beach resort destinations. It is an engaging land of a young and happening crowd, lovely cafes, idealistic restaurants, enthralling coastline, adventurous sports and mind-blowing sunsets.

Kuta also offers an array of activities for either couple, a group of friends or families. Go embrace the beauty of the astounding waves and feast your eyes on a glorious sunset. The soothing sound of waves and cool breeze create a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere that will melt all your stress away. Go on a romantic stroll where you can capture some beautiful silhouettes during twilight.

No matter what adventure and leisure activities you opt for on your holiday, you need to know which hotel you are going to end up staying at. The ANVAYA Beach Resort Bali can be a place to be highly considered. Offering luxury in a laid-back cosy style with true Balinese warmth for your exotic tropical vacation, this property has a clear aim to bring extravagance and tranquillity back to Kuta.

This five-star resort boasts its own private sandy beach and is equipped with a wide range of modern-day, soothing and luxurious features and amenities. The sophisticated and charismatic ambience of The ANVAYA pampers the eyes with architecture inspired by Bali’s rich cultural history, from the ancient times of the Bali Aga to Hindu Bali and Modern Bali. Straight from the entrance, you can notice right off that all the designs are ‘Bali Aga’ based. The main symbol of this design can be found in the entrance of the resort, where a spectacular group of pillars are arranged and light up gorgeously during the night. If you observe closely enough, you will soon realise that the entire resort is an impeccable work of craft that showcases the history of Bali through inspiring architecture. The middle part of the resort, from the pool onwards, depicts the ‘Bali Hindu’ design theme. This kind of design is what people normally associate Bali with, since Hinduism is Bali’s main religion and plays an intricate role in its culture. And the last part of the resort, starting from Sands Restaurant until their private beach area, is all designed in contemporary Balinese style.

The ANVAYA Beach Resort Bali - insight bali

The Anvaya Suites
There are a variety of room options you can choose to stay. The Anvaya Villa, Deluxe Room, Premier Room, Family Premier Room, Deluxe Suite, Premier Suite, Beachfront Anvaya Suite and the Anvaya Residence. For honeymooners, it is recommended to opt for the Anvaya Suite to have the most memorable stay.

The Anvaya Suites are limited to only 10 in the resort, all almost concealed amongst luscious gardens and greens within the resort. These suites are generously sized and hosts the largest bathrooms you will ever come across. These luxurious duplex-style suites feature a private pool and whirlpool, as well as all the contemporary touches one could wish for. All suites have stunning views of the lush gardens with a sprawling pool deck equipped with sun loungers that make them perfect for solitude, intimate conversations or simply enjoy a discreet moment of relaxation over a cup of tea.

The Anvaya Suites are decorated with a separate free-standing bathtub and shower. The bathroom’s floor and walls are all white marble. There are double sinks, a stand-alone tub and a swanky garden with your very own pool. The combination of natural light flooding in, natural wood furnishings and just the right accents of yellow and green make it a personal favourite among the couples.

The ANVAYA Beach Resort Bali - insight bali

Breakfast in Style
One of the exciting experiences that this resort offers is a floating breakfast. Breakfast by the pool is outdated now as you can have your breakfast right inside the pool. Anvaya’s signature floating breakfast will start your day in the most extraordinary way. Enjoy your floating breakfast where you will be served mouth-watering breakfast on a floating tray in your own private plunge pool. The butler will then set sail the three-course gourmet breakfast with the choice of your favourite coffee, tea or juice. This is the ultimate indulgence when you are a honeymooner; celebrating the spirit of love.

The ANVAYA Beach Resort Bali - insight bali

While staying at The ANVAYA Beach Resort Bali, you cannot miss going to the Sakanti Spa for a day of relaxation and unwinding. This spa offers a retreat of serenity – the ultimate barefooted sanctuary for Spa and Beauty rituals on this magical island. An enlightened feeling of lightness encircles as you doze to the sound of the thrashing surf, all the while experiencing a sensual afterglow and the transformation of mind and body. Deeply inspired by Balinese heritage and traditions and complimented by Elemis, the luxury skincare brand, Sakanti Spa’s skilfully trained therapists provide individual consultation for each guest, crafting each Spa and Beauty ritual to create an individualistic experience completely custom-made to your individual needs. A perfect retreat for the honeymooners, this spa offers over 30 rituals ranging from massage, body scrubs, facials, manicures and pedicures.

Hot Sands Detox Massage is the signature treatment at Sakanti spa. The fine beach sand used in the bath is cured with herbs and aromatic salts. Sand baths are part of a prehistoric healing tradition that helps sooth body pain. Sand warms the body uniformly, helping to relieve musculoskeletal and arthritic pain. Like a sauna or steam room, the heat also causes you to sweat, expel toxins thus cleansing your body from the roots. Warm sand pouches dissolve any muscle tension, allowing the body to truly let go and achieve a sense of equilibrium. When the heated sand is massaged on the body, it opens the pores and relaxes the muscles, permitting the carefully selected herbs to infuse in the body and mind, leading to immense relaxation. The massage is done on specific pressure points to help stimulate blood circulation which leads to healthy skin. This treatment helps to dismiss pain and inflammation, develop healthy blood circulation and flexibility. Some of the herbs used are ashwagandha to relax tensed muscles and reduce stress, mustard and neem to impart the skin and body a healthy glow, turmeric and ginger to revitalise and purify the body, and lastly, rosemary and rice to improve blood circulation and ease tension in the muscles. A truly refreshing 75-minute sand detox will leave you feeling energised and glowing.

The ANVAYA Beach Resort Bali - insight bali

Local Culinary Treats
The ANVAYA Beach Resort Bali boasts of authentic Balinese dining experienced that truly represent Bali as the modern and fashionable food scene, seashore dining and the tradition of sharing food with family. Kunyit Restaurant lends the ideal vibe to the traditional delicacies of Bali and Indonesia, providing a sensual dining experience that specialises in local cuisine. Meaning turmeric, Kunyit is one of the basic elements incorporated into many of the Balinese dishes served. The Bali Aga influence is experienced not only in the old-fashioned family style of dining, where a selection of dishes is served and shared, but also in traces of the architecture and ornamentation of this relaxed, present-day venue.

Balinese and Indonesian classics like Nasi Campur Bali and Satays are prepared with utmost love and served. But the forte in Kunyit is the ‘Megibung’, the Balinese tradition of sharing a meal with family and friends. Megibung allows everyone sharing the food, amidst laughter and harmony. Not only is Megibung a boundless experience culturally but is also a fabulous way to sample many Balinese dishes as all at the same time on one plate.

The ANVAYA Beach Resort Bali - insight bali

Afternoon Delight
Another restaurant in this resort is the Sands Restaurant, angled towards the Indian Ocean and blessed with one of Bali’s most gorgeous views. This is the place to enjoy modern Balinese-influenced, Mediterranean and Californian-inspired cuisine. With a line of freshness, Sands Restaurant’s collaborative all-day dining experience integrates an open-kitchen concept and a market-place atmosphere where guests can try their hand at cooking under the guidance of our highly capable chefs.

There are cooking stations for all kinds of cuisine to ensure that food is always served fresh. Sands also offers a la carte dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Seafood is the most recommended here. Be it grilled, pan-fried, the fish and shellfish are extremely fresh and has become extremely popular among the diners.

Sands is also famous for its Afternoon High Tea! Enjoy a selection of sandwiches, petit cakes and tea or coffee while enjoying the amazing views across the Thames Estuary with your beloved. You can even upgrade to Sparkling Afternoon Tea and enjoy a tasty glass of Prosecco. Some of the tastiest cakes served here include Mini Chocolate Éclair, Mini Finger Doughnut, Mini Carrot Cake, Mini Black Forest Muffin and Mini Custard Slices. But the most enjoyed afternoon snack here is the traditional English Scone, served with butter, a pot of Rudders clotted cream and jar of Essex’s own, world-famous Tiptree jam.

The ANVAYA Beach Resort Bali - insight bali

The ANVAYA Beach Resort Bali is more than just a destination. It is the ultimate getaway for honeymooners who are looking for the most romantic and indulgent escapade to create some of the most beautiful memories of their life.

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