SugarSand: Seminyak’s Hangout Spot

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SugarSand: Seminyak’s Hangout Spot

Those who want to cool down at the sparkling Seminyak Beach now can enjoy a new perspective and fresh experience at SugarSand Bali. Overlooking the Indian Ocean, where Seminyak sunset is taken to a more stylish fashion, SugarSand is a beach bar and restaurant, even more. You have the poolside daybeds for basking the day away, a beach bar and terrace allowing guest to play with sand using their toes, and an open-air roof lounge perfect for sunset over refreshing cocktails.

A few steps away from the beach, this unique, two-level restaurant is hard to ignore. Reinventing Japanese elements and taking inspiration from Bali’s wild nature, from a distance, everyone will notice its structure resembling a traditional ‘jukung’ fish boat. And stepping inside, it is a feast for the art sense. Its modern exterior and unique interior design are striking, wrapped with a beautiful mélange of colours, sounds and tastes that flow together harmoniously, creating a fresh and stylish beachside fun at Seminyak Beach.

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Cooling down in Bali’s hot day until sunset time is tempting. In addition to a selection of refreshing cocktails, guest can also taste some Japanse inspired cocktails, sake and sochu, alongside a broad selection of spirits and a tantalizing collection of slow-cooked G&Ts. When it comes to tickling your palate, SugarSand’s Nikkei inspired menu incorporates locally sourced ingredients from land and sea. A selection of ceviche and tiraditos, sushi, king prawns, whole fish and robata grill delicacies are highlighted on the menu, positioned alongside essential ‘comfort food’ dishes, all with a SugarSand twist: ‘food where excellence is always in season’.

And no beachside restaurant is complete without good music to set the mood. A mindful and detail-oriented approach whilst timeless, soulful music flows throughout the day, from ambient to jazz, from rare groove to soulful techno, from jazzy hip hop to disco – no genre is off limits, will unconsciously transport all guests to SugarSand time. Regular live music and events are also on the agenda to enliven the passing time of the night.

sugarsand indigo - insight bali

For fashion lovers who are always craving for timeless and cutting-edge style, make sure to take a look at Gang 8, a fashionable boutique where curated pieces from local and international designers are on display. In a nutshell, it is a fresh take on a well-spent day at Seminyak Beach.

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