Sudamala Art Space Presents The First Joint Exhibition of Balinese and Chinese Artists

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Sudamala Art Space Presents The First Joint Exhibition of Balinese and Chinese Artists

Fostering mutual relationship and cultural exchanges between Indonesia, especially Bali, and the People’s Republic of China, 14 Balinese artists are collaborating with 3 Chinese artists to showcase their works on rice paper medium on a colourful display themed ‘Patience is Earth’.

Rice paper is a special material which has been used in China for thousands of years, where Chinese artists express their artistic inspirations through paintings and calligraphy art. Due to the characteristic of the material that is generally thinner than canvas, soft, firm, and resistant to ageing, panting on this medium require a high-level painting technique.

It is the sixteen Balinese artists, under the Kertas Padi community, who challenged themselves to work using rice paper with watercolour and Chinese ink, even find new possibilities using pencil and acrylic in expressing their own style of painting. The result is impressive. The exhibition, which opened on Wednesday, 19 December, displays the beauty and creativity of the works from both Balinese and Chinese artists.

Visiting the gallery, each visitor will travel to two adjoining worlds. Chinese paintings by Liu Fei highlight the distinctiveness in blossom flowers, orchid and lotus flowers, and bamboo, while Teng Shengsheng displays the life of Koi Fish. On the other side, Balinese artists successfully apply the cultural, Balinese style and symbolism on the same rice paper medium.

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The advisor of Kertas Padi artists community Bali, Djaja Tjandra Kirana, on the title of the exhibition, explained that Patience is Earth was taken in line with the desire to welcoming the upcoming Chinese New Year 2570 on February 5, 2019, the year of the Earth Pig. He hopes this exhibition will be able to spread the message of optimism, with the patience as the spirit to achieve the ideals of future.

Supporting this joint exhibition is the Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Bali and Indonesian-Chinese Fellowship Association (PPIT) of Bali. Mr Gou Haodong, the Consul General, is expressing his salutation about this initiative by saying that there are a lot of historical remains proving that cultural exchanges between Bali and China have been going on for more than thousands of years. It can be seen in the Bali’s temples, royal palaces, the building of people’s houses in Bali, which still maintain typical Chinese elements. Also, the encounters are seen in some legends, like the love story of Princess Kang Cingwie with Balinese King Jaya Pangus.

Patience is Earth joint exhibition is open until all day until 6 February 2019 at Sudakara Art Space in Sudamala Suites & Villas, Sanur – Bali.

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