Starbucks Dewata: 5 Sensory Experiences of Enjoying Premium Coffees

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Starbucks Dewata: 5 Sensory Experiences of Enjoying Premium Coffees

It is more than just drinking a coffee. By seeing, touching and understanding the journey of the bean from the farm to the table, we have the opportunity to appreciate and taste better the coffee served. The opening of Starbucks Dewata, The Coffee Sanctuary, on 13 January 2019 marked the Starbucks brand’s innovation to share its passion and celebration of a coffee journey and experience to all enthusiasts through five sensory experiences in its unique store concept.

Elevating Starbucks’s concept of Reserve Bar, this 10th reserve outlet in Indonesia, the biggest in Indonesia, the 2nd biggest in the world, is built on an expansive area of 20,000 square foot in the strategic area of Sunset Road. Unlike other reserve outlets, the two-storey building features all guests’ need for a seed-to-cup sensory coffee journey, from the nursery room, a farm with several coffee plants brought from growing coffee area in the archipelago, 3D interactive wall display, tasting room, media room, to the premium reserve bar, where guest finally enjoy selected premium bean while having conversation with the Coffee Masters.

CEO of Starbucks Coffee, Kevin Johnson made the presence and marked the opening of the coffee sanctuary by pouring the hot water to V60 pot together with top-level management and two ministers of Indonesian Government. As Kevin Johnson noted, the opening of one-of-a-kind store concept in the island of Bali is a way to celebrate the long term partnership in term of coffee production, in which Sumatran beans has been a part of Starbucks Coffee for a long time. He also hopes that this destination will be a must-visit destination in Bali in order to show the coffee activities in Indonesian as the 4th biggest Arabica producer in the world.

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Here are some interesting facts about the coffee sanctuary:
Excellent Design
More than visiting a coffee store, the look and elegance greet the guests upon arrival. From its facade, each tiny detail has been carefully thought and implemented to represent Balinese and Indonesia culture in general. Details are inspired by nature, waves, culture, tradition, even the harmonic concept of Tri Hita Karana. No need to be in rush. Instead, slow down and see what each detail in the store has to say. It is really a pleasure for the eyes.

Spacious and Homey
Inside Starbucks Dewata, guests will find different sections to enjoy the coffee and spend free time. Opt to sit outside in the terrace, around the reserved bar allowing interaction with Coffee Master Or, go to the second floor for more quiet space at the library room to simply escape from the hustle or have an important meeting. Each section provides comfortable spaces between tables to ensure comfort and privacy.

The Coffee Journey
Although every guest has free access to every facility available in the coffee sanctuary, joining a tour with guide promise a better experience as the guest will be accompanied by a friendly host who will tell you everything about Starbucks’ coffee making process. Sometimes, it simply feels good to have someone talking while exploring, right? The tour comes with a price, but it is worth!

The Reserve Bar
Next to the core bar which serves the brand’s signature beverages, The reserve bar is an exclusive place for an interesting experience. The coffee provided here is selected beans who have premium qualities, and the menu will always change based on the available beans. At this bar, coffee is made by using manual brew, and the guest has the time to see the process and interact with the Coffee Master about the tasting notes, origin, or conversation about coffee in general. In addition, this store also serves some fresh light bites, in cooperation with trusted vendor.

Starbucks Reserve Dewata
Jalan Sunset Road 77, Seminyak

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