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Self-pampered: DIY Home Spa

To escape from the stresses of everyday life, it’s always important to take some ‘Me’ times and just relax. The first thing that pops up in your mind would be a whole day at the spa. There is no doubt some treatments at a spa could help rejuvenate us both physically and mentally. However, a full-day treatment at the spa can be expensive, and not all of us can afford such a luxury. Not to mention the effort to get an appointment, head to the spa and then head back home. It would be so much easier to bring the spa home. Not just the fact that it is less time consuming, but it also provides the bliss that we’ve been craving without drilling a big hole in our bank account. With a little planning, this is how easy a day of pampering can be.

Before we are going straight to the treatments, the very first thing to do is to eliminate disruptions. This is the crucial part of your whole day spa sequence. You can never create a relaxation moment with so many distractions around you. At least let your family or roommate aware of your plans so you can enjoy your ‘me’ time. Then, you can either shut off your phone or put it on a ‘flight’ mode because you might have prepared some playlists on your phone to help set the mood.

When the music starts to play, you may want to give your eyes a break and dim those bright light above you. In exchange, you can light up an aromatic candle to transform your mood instantly. It is a scientific fact that scent has a powerful effect on the mind because it associates with feelings and memories. Put a candle or two in your home spa room and choose your favourite relaxing scent.

When your mood has set, let’s hop into the shower and begin your spa ritual by running the perfect bath. Use any natural foaming bath soak that comes with an energising and uplifting aroma. If you have a dry skin, the intoxicating floral scent of Cleopatra’s Rose Sea Salt Scrub by Sensatia will treat you well. As a natural exfoliant, the natural sea salt gently cleanses and sloughs away the tired cells. The shea butter in this scrub adds an extra layer of moisture that contributes to healthier and glowing skin, while at the same time can improve the skin elasticity. The delicate rose damask essential oil assists in alleviating dry skin and has potential anti-ageing properties.

Next, let’s jump onto the bathtub, rinse off and get ready for the next treatment. Sensatia’s Seaside Citrus Botanical Bath Salts creates a fresh-looking skin after bathing by fighting bacteria to purify the skin. Containing grapefruit oil as a powerful antioxidant and antibacterial agent, the sea salt helps to draw out toxins and gently exfoliates. After a long soak in the bath, leave a light layer of cleansing balm to linger on your skin. The steam will help soften your pores, allowing the luxurious Rose and Mimosa wax to deeply purify and soothe.

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Next up, slip into a fluffy robe to create a spa-retreat feeling and apply a hair mask. Treat dull dry strands with a hydrating hair mask. There are so many selections of hair mask products out there, but it is advisable to avoid side effects by using only pure-natural products. Finish with the hair treatment, now it’s time to exfoliate your face. Sensatia offers so many selections for face treatment. To purify and nourish your skin, you can opt Wild Honey Facial Mask. Wild honey is naturally antibacterial and high in antioxidants, perfect components to fight the signs of ageing. The argan oil, shea butter and Kakadu plum extract contribute to a healthy, rejuvenated skin. When applying this facial mask, make sure to avoid eye area. For the facial scrub, Coconut & Vanilla Facial Scrub is formulated with active botanical ingredients buff away old skin cells and replenishes nutrients. The aloe vera juice can help to reduce inflammation, while the coconut oil acts as an excellent moisturiser. This facial scrub is not recommended for daily use. Once or twice weekly should be enough to promote healthy, radiating skin. To keep your skin hydrates and glows all day, Cleopatra’s Rose Facial Hydrate is suitable for all skin types. Containing rosehip oil to encourage healthy skin cell production, this spa product also has a toning effect on the skin. For maximum result, use it one time only in the evening.

After finishing all the rituals for your spa at home, it is time to soothe your soul. It is not easy to create your home spa as peaceful as the cosy corners of the luxury spa, but you can apply any essential oil to help you to reduce any external noise and melt it to become harmony, tranquillity and relaxation. Simply by tapping this essential oil onto your temples, in line with your eyebrows, then you will instantly leave the stresses of the day behind.

There you have it! By now, you should be feeling pretty relaxed! You can either move on to the manicure/pedicure or call it a day.

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