Savoring The Hot Spring in Mount Batur

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Savoring The Hot Spring in Mount Batur

The wild nature of Mount Batur offers many choices for family getaway and even romantic journey for couples. A trip to this enchanting beauty of an active volcano has been widespread all over the country and around the world. From trekking to the summit of the volcano for the sunrise view, take a selfie and wefie picture with stunning backdrop, slurping Bali’s iconic coffee Kintamani and sunk to enjoying the hot spring nearby.  

This week, we’ve got ravishing journey to enjoy Mount Batur and got the sense of Hotspring. Our journey began from Denpasar and it took two hours and a half to Mount Batur, which located in Kintamani, Bangli Regency in the northern of Bali. While we try to get close to mount Batur, we can see interminable coffee plantation, orange, and vegetable. Moreover, on this lush plain we can see the locals trying to sell local fruits which are more cheaper than in Denpasar.

Mount Batur is an active volcano and this condition affected the water sources nearby. The molten rock or magma of the volcano has made the water temperature substantially higher than common water temperature. That’s why there are several hotspring spot which attracted loads of visitors to come. The two most renowned hot spring spot are Toya Devasya and Batur Natural Hot Spring. Both of them offer infinity pool, with jaw-dropped views of Mount Batur and Lake Batur. With calm ambiance of volcanic landscape, warm water that flow that stimulate relaxation on our body, it was a worth experience anyone must do while in Bali.

The bathing areas in Batur Natural Hot Spring is entice everyone to take a dip. It consist of multi-tier pool with Balinese decoration and sculpture. The upper pool is slightly warmer than the lower one. Along the edges of the pools are ledges where we can sit while in the water. On the lowest pool, we can sense a combination of hot spring which come from the highest point and water that come from the lake. Such a great experience where we can also swim.

Close to the hot spring point, we can get the experience of geology. We can see a hardened lava, a volcanic stones, where we can take an instagram-able picture. This spot offers a rare backdrop and lead many millenials and photographer to come. Since Mount Batur announced as Global Geoparks Network in 2012 by Unesco, many local community developing a farmer technique on the lava field that are possible some plants to grow such as cabbage, chili tomatoes and onions. The locals also aware of tourism opportunity so that several accommodation that managed locally has been burgeoning rapidly recent years.

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