Samasta Lifestyle Village: The Only Entertainment & Culinary Hub in Jimbaran

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Samasta Lifestyle Village: The Only Entertainment & Culinary Hub in Jimbaran

Situated next to the Bali’s major gate, Ngurah Rai International Airport, Jimbaran area is the nearest option for those preferring to stay in more laid-back and less noisy area than its neighbour Kuta and Legian. More importantly, the area seamlessly maintains its renowned reputation as a laid-back fishing village while being home for several international five-star hotel and resort brands.

Staying at Jimbaran enables travellers to experience two worlds living in harmony. Resorts here occupy a vast area, giving a sense of space and serenity, all comfort for a successful escape. Yet, stepping outside all that comforts, the life of locals vibrates the happiness in an unobtrusive state. Visit the traditional market, fishing market or a stroll through Raya Uluwatu main street are the best ways to experience it.

In a similar fashion, a lively entertainment and lifestyle centre are also within an easy reach. Accessible from both direction of Jimbaran Bay and Raya Uluwatu main street, Samasta Lifestyle Village has a lot to offer for a happy shopping and leisure time with family, friends or loved ones. This entertainment and culinary hub is located next to Jimbaran’s major intersection, and adjacent to the first Movenpick Resort & Spa in Indonesia.

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A home to more than 20 outlets, ranging from culinary to activity, a window shopping experience here is very cosy. Samasta is boldly influenced by the concept of village layout; an excellent representation of Bali’s traditional and tropical atmosphere. The central area is an open park area with trees, nice paved pathways, benches, kids playground and fountain. On its surrounding are lining standalone buildings of outlets, inviting each guest to step in and enjoy.

Jimbaran’s Entertainment Hub
Boasting its cosy and pleasant open area in the complex, Samasta Lifestyle Village strengthens its position as the premier entertainment hub in Jimbaran with interesting activities and performances. Every day from 7PM, sundown chillout session at Barrels Steak House features DJ session and band performance to lift up the evening mood. At the same time, the beautiful Balinese dance performance will be the main attraction on weekends (Friday to Sunday), from 7:30PM onward.

Samasta Lifestyle Village - insight bali

On Saturdays, sit still where you are as the Salsa Night will follow after the Balinese dance performance. Meet your dance partner here or take the courage to learn to do it for the first time. Some experienced dancers will be happily giving you a hand, making the Saturday night more enjoyable. Even if you choose to chill at your chair – grab a beer and watch those alive movements – that wouldn’t be so bad at all. As well as the evening regular event, Sunday morning at Samasta Bali is a good opportunity for yoga enthusiast to meet other fellows. The morning yoga class starts at 8AM. These regular activities and entertainments are free of charge and open for any visitor.

Alternatively, a group of friends can test their bounding and solving problem capacities at the House of Trap. This exciting, physical adventure game has a different kind of stories with different difficulties. During the game, players will be locked in rooms and have to use elements of the rooms to solve a series of puzzles, finish the mission and escape within 45 minutes. For a large group of friends, this game can get more exciting by competing to be the first and quickest group to escape.


Tease Your Taste Bud
No leisure time will be complete without indulging the appetite. Offering a fine selection of choices to suit every palate, you will realise that checking out only a place will never be enough. Guaranteed that you will taste the food and drink from at least two outlets. Those who want to chill and have a private tête-à-tête afternoon can enjoy a cup of freshly roasted speciality coffee at Tanamera Coffee, or have a bite of handcrafted artisanal doughnut at Dough Darling.

Samasta Lifestyle Village - insight bali

The options for more serious tastes are plenty, from the family style chain restaurant Fisch & Co, Balinese famous Bebek Bengil, Korean BBQ at Magal, to local Balinese cuisine at Base Base and Wahaha Pork Ribs, to name a few. As the perfect ending, grab a scoop of gelato at Gaya, Korean dessert at Pat Bing Soo or sample assorted dessert at Movenpick Café.

Another Samasta’s highlight is the rooftop restaurant and bar, Above Eleven. This is a spot where you can admire the spectacular views over Jimbaran Bay while having innovative cocktail creation. The Nikkei cuisine, a blend of Peruvian and Japanese food specialities complement the space as a must-visit for soaking up the sunset viewing with friends and family.

Between Shopping and Pampering
After refuelling the energy, shopping time would be more comfortable as many experts have said. Some curated fashion brands provide the latest trends to match your style. Star by the Beach has a collection of casual and trendy summer fashions while Bali Towel brightens your beach time with colourful beach accessories to put on. Visit Asamula for more sophisticated clothing and accessories from talented designers.

Samasta Lifestyle Village - insight bali

If you have to fill up some of your daily needs, head up to Sereh gourmet supermarket which thankfully is the part of Samasta’s amazing services. Even more, souvenir shopping has been made easier as the famous souvenir store Krisna is also here, too!

Last but not least, don’t leave without feeling better. In case you feel that way, this solution will work: two pampering outlets make sure you are in a better look and wellbeing. Arkipela Spa invites you to be pampered in inherited wellness traditions of Indonesia. The ritual will lead you to the moment of awakening, inspiration and revival of being. On the other hand, Nails Story enhances your looking with many services such as manicure, pedicure, nail, sticker and nail polish.

Samasta Lifestyle Village - insight bali

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