Top 5 Recommended Natural Spots to Explore for Bali’s First-timer

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Top 5 Recommended Natural Spots to Explore for Bali’s First-timer

Okay, so you’ve made it to Bali, got some rest at the hotel’s comfortable bed, tried food and drinks at cosy cafes around Seminyak or Canggu. And, what next? Well, it’s time for a little exploration. While there are hundreds of establishments and facilities built, the charm of Bali, which has attracted visitors for years, is the natural beauty and culture. Therefore, we are taking you to some beautiful places worth visiting. Now, put on your helmet or hitch a ride, and off you go to explore the island.

Bukit Asah

At the eastern part of Bali, Bukit Asah at Bugbug Village, Karangasem, spoils your eyes with the undisturbed sea view from an eagle view. The high cliff area with slopes covered with greens is a cool spot for enjoying a quiet time or little adventure with close friends. Here, you will spot a tiny island nearby, called Whale Island. The elegant move of a boat crossing on Lombok – Padangbai route is somehow interesting to look at. In case you love the ambience and hope to stay for a little longer, make it into a camping night. The locals living around there provides tents for rent and services at an affordable rate per night.

Bukit asah - insight bali
Photo credit @erik.uliantara

Temukus Village

A little further from Bukit Asah, Temukus Village is a super cool, instagramable spot, especially if you are a fan of flowers. The village is located near Besakih Temple, so it is best to reach at the temple first and then ask the locals for direction. Once getting there, choices are yours. For orange lovers, opt to visit Gumitir park, a vast area of Marigold flowers fields. Or, go to Kasna park for white Edelweiss (Kasna) flowers. Those fields are grown by the locals for offering needs, so always ask to the owner before entering these farms. The best time to make a visit is before the harvesting season.

Temukus village Taman Bunga Gumitir - insight bali
Photo Credit @anggraeni_novi

Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Photography enthusiast should not miss this spot, full stop! Located at Jalan Tembuku, Bangli, Tukad Cepung Waterfall provides such a beautiful ray of light, perfect for nature or a casual self-snapshot. Make sure that you are in fit condition as reaching at the best spot may require some efforts, such as trekking down hundreds of stairs down, yet the journey between two cliffs along the river looks awesome.

Tukad Cepung waterfall- insight bali
Photo Credit @_manwithoutborders

Tegenungan Waterfall

Located in Gianyar area, this waterfall becomes one of the most visited waterfalls in Bali due to its strategic location between Kuta and Ubud. If you happen to travel in that direction, a visit to the waterfall will not ruin your travel schedule. Experience the Bali Swing thrill, make a sexy photo or dip into the cool water. Come early in the morning for a less crowded atmosphere.

Tegenungan Waterfall - insight bali
Photo credit @anaiisho

Monkey Forest & Petulu

A natural refuge from the strong mid-day sun, the complex of the wild park with huge trees located in the centre of Ubud is perfect to visit during the day. Spend a leisure time walk in nature and watch the funny, sometime nosy, actions of monkeys inside. Please be advised to keep your belongings safe during the visit. Stay calm and don’t overreact if the monkey gets to steal your items. Instead, buy bananas or peanuts from the local sellers for a good trade.

Monkey forest bali - Insight Bali
Photo credit @nessa_leiba

After visiting Monkey Forest, a short drive to Petulu will complete the day. Located in north Ubud, around 20-minute drive, the village has been attracting visitors since years ago. Before the dusk, you will get a chance to watch thousands of herons coming home and roost on the lining trees along the road. Come and see, it is a simple, natural yet magical moment for a brief.

Petulu - insight bali
Photo credit @prorice

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