Ramada by Wyndham Bali Sunset Road Kuta: Business Travellers Choice

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Ramada by Wyndham Bali Sunset Road Kuta: Business Travellers Choice

By far, Bali is the paramount attraction for tourists visiting Indonesia for business or recreational trip. During your visit in Bali, staying at Ramada by Wyndham Bali Sunset Road Kuta would be no doubt an exceptional experience. You need a comfortable and convenient place to enjoy a fabulous island. You are fortunate to lodge at this hotel where you can thoroughly enjoy your stay.

It is quite fastidious when it comes to the choice of the hotel. You must set high standards in this regard and demand all the facilities, appearance and grace to be at peak. You have got all your desires at Ramada by Wyndham Bali Sunset Road Kuta. The hotel stands majestically at Sunset Road, one of the famous areas for business. The road guides the way to core places like shopping arcades, restaurants, nightclubs, cafes and plethora of other attractions for tourists. The International Airport is only 10 minutes from the hotel. In short, you have access to all the important places and can enjoy the thrill of the island.

There are so many pleasure ingredients in Ramada by Wyndham Bali Sunset Road Kuta. The exterior of the hotel will win your heart, at first sight, offering picturesque design and elegance. The classy structure is amazing in its style and decoration. As you land your footsteps inside the hotel, your attention would be drawn by a splendid masterpiece, clear blue-watered swimming pool. It entices you to dive in it immediately. You could be restlessly asking about the thrill places and popular markets of Bali from the natives or tourists. They are kind enough to absorb your typical chatty style and provide you with the valuable information for making your stay worth remembering at Bali.

The enjoyable ingredients about the hotel can be found in either Superior, Deluxe, Junior Suite or Presidential Suite. You have the choice of 271 luxurious rooms which are all brilliant in luxury and comfort. Whichever room you choose, you won’t be disappointed at all modern style furnishings and neoteric western décor along-with superb artistic features are displayed in all rooms.  Get the pleasure in watching a 32-inch TV on the soft plush sofas, or enjoy working on the internet through high bandwidth Wi-Fi on your laptop which is necessary to carry for the business travellers. As for the bed, rest-assured you will enjoy your night sleep on a gigantic bed with soft plush pillows. Comfort and convenience are great virtues of the room and you got exactly what you desired for. For those who travel by car and prefer to be on the go, a spacious parking area is available for your convenience.

Ramada Bali Sunset Road - insight bali

Talking about food, you can never be disappointed by the taste and variety of items by discovering plenty of meal options, even in the breakfast. You must say that Ramada by Wyndham Bali Sunset Road Kuta has certainly satisfied your taste buds. You can’t ask for a better start of a full day at Bali.

Ramada Bali Sunset Road - insight bali

Next, as you return from your business deals, you are there to quench your thirst with swimming. As you go to the rooftop pool and dive into the clear blue water, a layer of deep pleasure infuses into your whole soul. The pool is quite wide, making possible for you to reach the depth of the pool and perform several feats. Lolling in the clear bright sun provides you with an exceptional pleasure and calmness. Lush natural surroundings of the pool provide the place to relax physically and mentally.

Ramada Bali Sunset Road - insight bali

After one tiring day, what you need is a peace of mind doing relaxation at the spa facility. This activity is enabling you to relax even further after a busy day after the meeting. As pleasure seeps into every inch of your body, you feel as fresh as ever. The treatments provide you with intense energy to carry on the rest of the day with other thrilling activities. Just around the corner, a gym is available 24/7, equipped with modern machines allowing you to stay fit and healthy.

Of course, the night ambience is the main course. You can always stay relaxing inside your room, chatting in the balcony with the loved ones, gazing at the endless activities of the main road, watching the selected TV programmes, or even lying comfortably on the couch sightseeing the shooting stars. You can also go out to the bars or nightclubs in the immediate neighbourhood. Ask the humble and energetic staff for the entertainment available nearby. They are more than welcome to give you the best recommendation, as they are there to make your stay at the hotel worth remembering.

Ramada Bali Sunset Road - insight bali

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