November’s Amazing Moments in Bali

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November’s Amazing Moments in Bali

Bali always has something for everyone! Each and every day we see and feel envy about amazing moments that travellers share on Instagram. Solo travellers, honeymooners, family, group of besties, locals, foreign – no matter what kind or types of travellers they are, the captured moments ignite the desire to pack the bag and explore.

On the last week of November, also welcoming the festive December, the team at Insight Bali picks 10 best moments shared with us on our Instagram account @insight_bali If you have your own best moment in Bali, tag us in your post!

A Morning Bliss
Even if it is simply enjoying a cup of coffee and feeling the warmth of morning light over the window, this moment reminds us to feel grateful for each new day. Here a guest of Akasa Villa started a new day at Tulamben in the East part of Bali.

Akasa villa - insight bali
Photo credit @akasavillabali

Into the Wild
From Kintamani, drive a little further to the north and you will find a narrow, winding road between dense pine forest, leading to some Balinese village of Pinggan and Sukawana. No need to worry about getting lost here! Simply follow the road and listen to the sound of nature.

Photo credit @krhisnade

Just You and Me
Who doesn’t want to have an intimate moment like this? The cooler temperature of the central part of Bali definitely creates a natural atmosphere enabling lovebirds to feel the warmth of love even more. SWEET!

Photo credit @becci_shortt

Beauty in Detail 
It is by visiting new places we escape from the mundane, routine life to see new things. This awakes the sense of wonder inside us as we start to appreciate the beauty of life in simple things that we have never noticed before.

Photo credit @benoit.rchr

When Life Gives you Cucumbers and Oranges
They create a pleasure from it! In Bali, fun can also be found just a few steps from your hotel’s bed. If you are used to flower bath ritual, then this citrus bath is one of a kind that you can find.

Photo credit @elidaze

Paddling Around the Floating Temple 
Ulun Danu Hindu Temple, situated in Bratan Lake, is probably the most photographed temple in Bali. It’s also been one of Indonesia’s icons printed on 50,000 rupiah paper money. Hiring a small boat gives a chance to see it from a different angle of view.

floating temple - insight bali
Photo credit @pastrayasa15

At the Gateway of Heaven 
See this picturesque image as a reward for your spiritual journey. The gate is located inside the Lempuyang Temple complex, 1,058 meters above sea level. Facing directly to the Mount Agung, standing here reminds us about the higher power existing in the universe.

Photo credit @benoit.rchr

Seminyak – Canggu Cafe’s Hopping 
The quest to find the coolest spot between Seminyak and Canggu is a difficult one. Really! The areas offer an almost overwhelming array of unique, chic settings to please not only the eyes but also the appetite. Be free and follow your gut instinct!

Photo credit @alina_crane

Mermaid Day
The view of the underwater scene excites us with the fun of being in the water. When a hot day discourages us from going out, dipping in the water like a happy mermaid might be all we need.

Photo credit @fleursuijkerbuijk

Misty Morning from Pinggan Village
With Mount Batur providing contrast backdrop, the panoramic view from Pinggan will make you speechless in wonder. Come for a visit and look closely at how the mist disappears as the sun rises, revealing the real-life down in the valley.

Pinggan village - insight bali
Photo credit @anandaaryay

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