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Painting Class at Noella Roos

Well, you have been travelling around, visiting some amazing beaches, sacred holy temples, or lush green rice fields. Those experiences make you happy and feel refreshed. And, do you know that similar views and experiences are also been a source of inspirations for many artists? Those people fall in love with Bali for its creative and positive vibration of energy, allowing other visitors to find many galleries throughout the island. So, why not we do a similar path by expressing our feeling on a piece of painting while in Bali?

Head to Sanur area and get the right guidance from this Dutch painter and drawer, Noella Roos. Amidst the renowned calm and peaceful vibe of Sanur, at her oil painting class, you will be an artist for a day (at least). With many experiences of studies and exhibitions under her helmet, Noela Roos now spare the time to share the knowledge and skills to people who want to learn to paint using oil. The Class on Thursday is intended to advance, while everyone can join on the Saturday morning class. To maximize the learning process, each class is limited to a maximum of 6 people so both the student and coach will have a good time of interaction and sharing session.

Whether you are really interested to learn painting or simply following the curiosity, plus the benefit of bringing home your own painting as you go home, Noella makes sure that the students are leaving with good experiences. Prior to the class, she will email the participant to give some brief material to read as well as equipment to prepare. And during the class, she will share some of the important aspects which she is applying on her own works, such as composition, anatomy, oil painting technique, art style and history.

At the rest of the painting session, the class is generally working with a live model or other subjects based on the student’s request. After the 4-hour class session, you will be ready to create your own art pieces. For your own personal collection or you want to make it a serious thing, it’s your call!

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