Starting the First Day of 2019 in Bali

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Starting the First Day of 2019 in Bali

Good morning and Happy New Year 2019 from us at Insight Bali!

As you are reading this article, you might be still lying comfortably in your comfy bed after the great fun time during the New Year’s Eve till the bang on the countdown seconds. Or, a little worse, you might be still having a hangover from a couple of shots you had last night.

Apart from the fun last night, it is New Year’s Day: a moment of the beginning of the new cycle, filled with resolutions you wish to achieve on the next course of 365 days. It is DAY ONE (no one day anymore!), so let’s make it count! Get off the bed, do a bit of stretching, take a fresh shower, and grab your coffee or tea.

Then, what’s next? Instead of staying home and doing nothing all day, we encourage you to spend some hours to do activities that will lift up your mood at the beginning of the year. Here are some recommendations to get the most of your first day and first week of 2019 in Bali.

Embrace the Fresh Air
Blessed with the tropical climate, in Bali visitors can enjoy warm morning sunshine upon the skin, giving opportunities to spend the day outside. Moreover, the island has different landscapes that please everyone, be it a beach or mountain person.

Whether you are going solo, couple or a small circle of friends, taking a morning hike to Mount Batur or a Spiritual Journey to the Purification of Living at Tirta Sudamala is a good start for 2019. For more inspirations, these Top Five Unique Experiences to Start Your Day in Bali are worth checking.

Tirta sudamala - insight bali

Those who prefer to be near to the waves and breeze can choose one of these Top 5 Bali’s Hidden Beaches. Due to the efforts needed to reach these spots, you can expect lesser crowds than other touristy beaches like Kuta and Seminyak.

Balian beach = insight bali

One Quality Day With Family
If you are lucky enough to be together with all member of the family on this year’s holiday, this week is the only days left to cherish the moment of togetherness before everyone is preoccupied with school tasks or new projects at the company. Initiating an afternoon day out is one move which everyone will thank later.

Visiting a zoo will provide an ample relaxing time of strolling and exploring the funny activities of some rare animals. In Bali Zoo, enjoy a Fun Family Day with Elephants and Orangutans. If the kids are voting for a shopping and eating day, Beachwalk Shopping Center as a part of our Top 5 Recommended End of Year Shopping Destinations in Bali is a place to go, providing many options ranging from activities, culinary experiences, and entertainment.

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Hangover Cure
Just in case you had an overjoyed night with friends and drank a little bit too much, do not let the hangover keeps you in bed all day. A better idea is to gather your willpower to move or ask a favour to your friends and go to beach warung for a fresh whole young coconut drink. That will help to recover yourself quickly. After that, you need to have a healthy meal with vegetables, fruits, and fresh juice to more detoxing the body so you will be able to hang out again later in the afternoon.

Spa Day
Who doesn’t love to be pampered? Indeed, you will appreciate this one or two hours time spent at the spa when your body starts to giving you pain. Rejuvenating the body and soul at the beginning of the year also delivers a good state for your overall well-being to tackle every challenge which will be coming ahead.

Simply dial the hotel’s reception for any treatments that work best for you. Or, exploring nearby to find one affordable treatment on offer like Hot Sands Detox at Sakanti Spa. Alternatively, you can also do it by yourself by following these recommended steps for an enjoyable DIY Home Spa.

sakanti spa - insight bali

Me Time
After doing one of the above activities, all you need now is a good ‘ME’ time where you have some moments with yourself to planning and looking forward to the days ahead. No need to think about the past year, it is all happening to you for a reason or lesson, be thankful for it. Next is to engage your mind with a positive vibe.

Spend your evenings by reading good books or watching good movies. There are many books available now on self-growth and improvements from best sellers authors, like BIG MAGIC by Elizabeth Gilbert or Chris Guillebeau’s book series for those who want to be an entrepreneur this year.

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