New Menu in La Favela for Perfect Latino’s Dinner

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New Menu in La Favela for Perfect Latino’s Dinner

La Favela has been introducing new menu since March 2019 that attracted more and more people to come to this stunning international restaurant and bar. The menu is part of globally experienced chefs skill, creativity and come from the customers’ feedback. With a variety of foods that come from all over the world and definitely with a Latin touch on every single of bites, the restaurant and bar which part of LYD group strives to be one of the favorite places to spend the night in Bali. At first, La Favela attempt to be the best bar in the island and by now also best place to get worldwide cuisine. Undoubtedly, it is quite challenging to serve the international food with Latin twist but La Favela plants its organic vegetables in Bedugul. From eggplants, asparagus, green tomatoes (for tomatoes sauce), etc. The ingredients make the food really Latin cuisine and the taste is totally different than any other restaurants. By doing this, La Favela believed the power of food and making people happy. That’s why hundreds of people come every night. Here is the menu that one should be listed on the must try list. 

Tuna Tiradito and Hummus Plate from Starters

Tuna Tiradito is a mix of red tuna loin with sesame, avocado and papaya poured with soy dressing. The loin is soft and presented with a beloved treat, while the  Hummus Plate is a combination of homemade hummus with pumpkin, mash olives, olive oil and roasted eggplant. Everything is beautifully served and work well to fulfill our appetite as starters. 

Tuna Tiradito

hummus La Favela

Lamb Rack from The Main Course 

It is mouthwatering once we smell the food and it comes with aromatic charred edges. Pan-fried lamb mixed with mushrooms, beef jus accompanied with a baked potato. The beef jus which is composed of beef bones, red wine, carrot, celery and tomato paste, has excited taste once it comes to our mouth. The beef jus is boiled for a long time until it has all the flavour and juices of the bones so that the beef jus has incredible taste. Along with that sauce, the meat is juicy and these dishes were rich in flavor, expertly put together and didn’t disappoint in the slightest. To enjoy this, the restaurant put a perfect baked potato next to the meat. 

lamb rack La Favela

Strawberries and Creams from The Desserts

Not to mention the dessert, a Strawberries and Creams where the  fresh strawberries whipping cream, rice treats and strawberry sorbet served perfectly. The head chef of La Favela, Abril Borunda, has made the desserts like no other place. Soft, sweet and mildly acid of all ingredients blend perfectly when it comes to our mouth. 

La Favela’s Signature Cocktails

 Popcorn, worth a try and the one that is to die for. It is a mix of wild turkey 81 bourbon, amaretto liquor, lemon juice corn syrup and egg white. We cannot find anywhere else in the world, not even Mexico. The restaurant has also BKK – DPS cocktail, an abbreviation of Bangkok-Denpasar that is highly recommended with the composite of vodka infused butterfly tea, apple juice, cinnamon syrup, and lemon juice that will lead to refreshing taste. One can get all of these new menu of La Favela from 5 pm – 11 pm for dinner. Above all, La Favela also opens for late dinner up until  3am. Along with the food, the restaurant also introduce new cocktails.

cocktails La Favela

Popcorn cocktails La Favela

La Favela Restaurant & Club

Jalan Laksamana Oboroi No 177x, Seminyak. Phone: 0818 02100010


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