Morning and Afternoon Walk On The Campuhan Ridge Ubud

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Morning and Afternoon Walk On The Campuhan Ridge Ubud

As a vibrant region in Indonesia, Bali is now a home for all of fun activity from savoring pristine beach with huge waves, cultural park, world-wide cuisine to satisfied our appetite, and how to get fit as well by yoga or jogging. In Campuhan Ridge Ubud, we can go strolling or jogging with sweeping hilltop views. An optional activity to increase our fitness while we are stuck in the sedentary lifestyle.

It was quirky and many people come back as the trail is fit for all ages. Commonly, the locals called this activeness as Campuhan Ridge Walk as many of them enjoying morning and afternoon walk. Locals and expat  are come and seek for distinctive experience. In the morning they come around 6am – 9am and 4pm-6pm in the afternoon. It is not recommended for everyone to come after the sun goes down as there was no light.

Campuhan Ridge Ubud has more than three kilometers route with winding stone track, and as long as we walk we can enjoy interminable lush greenery of Ubud. Many people come as the Campuhan Ridge easy to reach and nestled in the center of Ubud. It took only five minutes driving from Ubud Palace. The ridge has two entrance and connected with stone path.The south entrance lies on the Jalan Raya Ubud Street while the north entrance we can easily access on Jalan RSI Markandya. Once we come from south entrance, we can see the locals selling an arts stuffs, and we can walk through several temples. While we come from the north, we can found local coffee shops with the swing to enjoy the highland in another way. Instead of walking and jogging, several people just come take some picture as the ridge offers the enchanting beauty of nature backdrop. Campuhan Ridge added long list of the best ways to explore Bali by foot. Previously local authority has built jogging track in Sanur Beach, mangrove forest and several spot in Bali to make local and expat keep fit.

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