Mauri Restaurant: An Expression of Life and Passion

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Mauri Restaurant: An Expression of Life and Passion

Opened in late 2018, Mauri Restaurant is a cultivation of passion, dream and experience from an award-winning chef Maurizio Bombini. Even, the name of the restaurant itself is the short name of the chef as his family and friends call him, with a big hope that he can foster intimacy and trust with the guests through presenting the thing that he is really good at.

Bringing to life the beginning of the career where Chef Maurizio learned his trade in the kitchen at his parent’s restaurant on the shore of the Adriatic Sea, MAURI’s menu takes inspiration from the Pugliese tradition, offering a contemporary Italian dining experience with a touch of tradition where ingredients are handled with care to showcase their purest flavours. For this purpose, Mauri tries to use as much as possible homemade items from its hydroponic garden on the rooftop and by selecting the highest quality of local products in collaboration with Balinese farmers.

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Complementing Chef Maurizio’s vision in the kitchen, the interior of Mauri was designed to reflect the chef’s approach of keeping the integrity of ingredients as pure and authentic as possible in a contemporary setting that exudes the Pugliese warmth. The key feature is the glass-enclosed kitchen, where clients can witness the chefs at work, also reflecting the openness of Chef Maurizio’s personality. GAYA’s ceramic also supports the vision by crafting a private collection on which Chef Maurizio will present his creations.

Mauri accommodates up to 40 seats on the ground floor facing the live kitchen with an intimate 5 seats Chef counter for private tastings. A separate Bar & Lounge where small bites and cocktails “Aperitivo Style” are served is located on the mezzanine level with an outdoor balcony. Mauri is open for dinner, serving A la Carte menu along with a seasonal tasting menu.

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