Blending East and West Philosophies at Makan Place

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Blending East and West Philosophies at Makan Place

Occupying a huge area at the corner of Jalan Padma – Legian, it’s hard to not notice this western and Asian restaurant, Makan Place. Its open-air setting and intimidating bamboo structure, in addition to the absence of the front wall and door, would catch the attention of people passing the street.

Taken from the word Makan, meaning to eat in Bahasa, Makan Place is a giant bamboo ‘nest’ for diners, offering the concept of sharing food. Guests will find themselves enjoying the time over delicious food under the relaxing ambience, with a choice of seating at a different level, at the low level near to the street or the upper-level area further inside the restaurant.

The man behind Makan Place, whipping up a storm in the kitchen, is the young and aspiring Javanese-born Theodorus Immanuel, whose experience was sharpened with time in China, Dubai, London, and topped off with his participation in the production of the “Master Chef Indonesia” television series. And to match the lovely space, he proposes a selection of menu showcasing Western and Asian Cuisine. As a highlight and also the statement of its sharing concept, its signature Balinese Pork Knuckle has a big portion of 800 gram served with long bean salad and chilli lemongrass sambal. Other sharing platters are Super bowl salad dish and Grilled Catch of The Day offering a variety of fishes.

From the bar station, Makan Place introduces the using of charcoal as the main ingredient on some creations like Black Magic Mocktail and Charcoal affogato. After dinner time, a couple of drinks plus live music entertainment will be more than enough to keep you staying until a bit later.

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Jalan Padma No. 1 Legian – Bali | Reservation: | +62-361-767161

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