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Are you still thinking about a memorable and timeless gift for your special person or just for yourself before leaving the island? Among so many things that you can think about and actually find it around, a piece of jewellery looks like the perfect one thing that lasts. Not to mention that those items can be a statement of personality which will be put on during a special occasion or practically on any occasion. Moreover, it may be an expensive gift that will be kept forever.

While Celuk area is well-known for its silver and jewellery making that has been passed from generation to generation, of course, worth a visit, there are many places offering the precious, unique, and very personal pieces with many styles and method of makings.

John Hardy 
Situated far away from the noise, an afternoon at the workshop gives the visitor a perfect ambience to appreciate each piece of handcrafted jewellery. A unique 8-step process is applied on the making process, staying true to the authentic jewellery-making techniques of the Balinese royal courts — chain-weaving, hand-hammering precious metals, carving intricate back-grille scenes inspired by nature, and the textured jawan motif, traditionally found in the decoration of sacred objects. The visitor can get an in-depth experience of the making by requesting a workshop tour prior to arrival in order to be able to understand the products better.

John Hardy - insight bali

Studio Perak Ubud 
Founded by Bali born and raised Ketut Darmawan in 2001, Studio Perak becomes his main outlet to create pieces of silver jewellery as well as sharing his expertise with other people. At the studio, you will find simple, natural and handmade silver pieces of jewellery, offered in some styles of Bohemia, nature, and urban chic. With this philosophy of simplicity, using old techniques with simple equipment, Studio Perak has attracted many visitors to join the make-your-own jewellery class.

Studio Perak ubud - insight bali

Sunaka Jewelry
In the middle of many makers in Celuk, Sunaka Jewelry is one to visit for more fine contemporary style products. The making process combines the traditional with modern and technology to bring out the quality while keeping the legacy from the founder I Ketut Sunaka. Now available in three stores in Kuta, Ubud and Celuk (the workshop), the collections are taking inspirations from Bali and Indonesia’s nature, society, and culture.

Sunaka Jewelry - Ombak Segara - insight bali

Tulola Jewelry
Founded by a duo who share the passion for Indonesian culture and preservation of ancient artisan skill, Tulola Jewelry offers a range of collection that celebrated detail, perfection, and craftsmanship. Its collection draws inspiration from the Indonesian Archipelago, where motif and designs from the past time relived again with modern and inspirational touches.

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Sea Gypsy Jewelry
A modern collection to express the personality, Sea Gypsy Jewelry is inspired by magical ocean adventures, dreamy landscapes, a nomadic spirit, and curious heart. Visiting their stores in Seminyak or Uluwatu, you are invited to explore the world of Sea Gypsy through the exotic aesthetic of sacred geometry and symbols, unique stones from around the globe and the incredible detail in its silver works.

sea gypsy- insight bali

UC Silver & Gold
Started as a small silver workshop Ubud Corner Silver & Gold in 1989, UC Silver & Gold has now become one place to appreciate true Balinese style jewellery. Inspired by the mysterious creature of the dragonfly, some of its collections feature the beauty of dragonflies as well as things related to the life of a dragonfly in free nature.

UC silver - insight bali

Jemme Bali 
Jemme Bali offers two experiences of dining and shopping, which makes the visit more pleasurable. Located at the fashionable area of Jalan Petitenget, these adjoining outlets has the best of its world to offer. Speaking about the jewellery, Jemme is taking inspiration from the vibrancy and eclecticism of Bali, surprising your eyes with both classic and contemporary collection with colour and spectrum you may see for the first. Time for splurging!

Jemme - insight bali

Atlas South Sea Pearls
For the gems from the bottom of the sea, Atlas South Sea Pearls should be the place to visit. With a 20-year long history in pearling, Atlas is a global leader in eco-pearling and one of the top producers of the highly sought after silver and white South Sea pearl, commonly known as the ‘queen of all gems’. In Bali, you can also book a tour of the company’s research centre and farm located in the North Bali in addition to admire the collection at its store. This is a precious gift for a very special woman in your life.

Atlas - insight bali

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