Impiana Private Villas Cemagi: Canggu’s Private Beachfront Holiday

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Impiana Private Villas Cemagi: Canggu’s Private Beachfront Holiday

The beaches in Bali are always an interesting topic to talk about among the travellers. It seems impossible to visit Bali without going to the beach, at least for one time, doesn’t it? Challenging waves, the soothing sea breezes, or the majestic sunset view – these are some reasons that keep you coming back. And now, the list of amazing beaches to visit is getting longer. Thanks to the curious travellers! Hidden beaches, secluded beaches, sunset beaches, surfing beaches – the options are not limited to the already popular Kuta and Seminyak Beaches.

If you think that you have visited most of the beaches in the southern area, let’s drive a little further to Mengening Beach at Cemagi Village. Located about 2 kilometres away from Tanah Lot Temple, this black sand beach is often said as a ‘mini Tanah Lot’ because there is a temple, Pura Gede Luhur Batungaus, stands on a volcanic rock outcrop. At its surroundings, several blacks and solid rock formations stand firm against the waves of Indian Ocean, tossing the blue sea water into the air.

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Here, the sunset provides a slightly different experience where one will be amazed by the sunset golden light being the backdrop for the temple – sunset and temple for another association of the island. Photography enthusiasts will spend more time here to get the perfect capture of slow-motion waves amidst sharp, steady rocks. In addition, Mengening Beach is less crowded, making it a hideaway from the noisy city life.

For that reason, Impiana Private Villas Cemagi offers six exclusive beachfront villas to those longing for a little longer seclusion time, either for re-igniting the intimacy with loved one or enjoying family times without being much interrupted. This luxury private villa enhances the area’s calmness and peacefulness with exceptional five-star service and facilities, ensuring each guest a private luxury holiday and brings home nothing than happiness and memorable vacation.

Impinana cemagi - insight bali

The villa’s lobby lounge, with direct access to Mengening Beach, provides a relaxing atmosphere for guest to cool down and admire the ocean views from a distance. Stepping inside, bright, well-paved pathways split the neat garden, leading the way to its villa collections. Depending on your preferences, there are Villa Joglo, Garden View Villas, Ocean Cottages Villas, and Ocean View Villa – each offers a variety of scenes including garden view swimming pool, beachfront view poll and tennis court in the back. Each villa itself has a contemporary design that creates a beautiful harmony with surrounding by applying wooden materials, high-vaulted ceilings to evoke the feeling of space and comfort, and luxury. This also enables a good air circulation where the guest can feel the gentle sea breeze from the villa.

Your time at Impiana Private Villas Cemagi will be mostly spent on intimate connections, with the natural surroundings or with the people you care most. Even a simple day in the pool can bring peace and relaxation with less noise and distractions. The entertainment room has a home theatre, pool table, and grand pianos for alternative activities. For rejuvenation service, there is an in-house spa offered, but also an arrangement to its sister villa in Seminyak for spa experiences at its world-class Prana Spa.

Impinana cemagi - insight bali

Younger lovebirds may enjoy cycling activities facilitated by the villas to immerse in the local life and beachside vibe in the morning or afternoon. As for the elderly couple, an afternoon walk of intimate conversation across the neat green pasture, under dozens of palm trees, cross a small bridge, to an individual pavilion is unbeaten. From this open-air pavilion with the alang-alang thatched roof, they can see the majestic sunset from a better spot and the sight of Balinese people praying at the temple.

Having a spacious garden and open-air area, Impiana Private Villas Cemagi also welcomes for exclusive social events or wedding event. The dining venue has both an outdoor garden area and exclusive private dining area which can be arranged for small to medium events at the garden. While the location of the villa is quite far from the airport, guests planning to stay will be provided with airport transfer services handled by friendly staff who will cater you with a genuine smile and true Bali hospitality.

Impinana cemagi - insight bali

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