Hippie Fish Brings Mediterranian Cuisine to Ubud

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Hippie Fish Brings Mediterranian Cuisine to Ubud

Simple and powerful, Hippie brings the message to relax, admire nature, feel the flavours and simply embrace life. That’s all about Hippie Fish Restaurant, located strategically in front of the Ubud Market.

Recently opened its door, it proposes Ubud visitor a unique dining experience and offers something out of the ordinary. It is the space where diners can enjoy a variety of healthy Mediterranean cuisine (which they found no other restaurants in the area serving on) and international cuisine, and also space where guest can relax, enjoy the ambience, sip a glass of cocktail.

On the menu, Hippie Fish offers an ocean of flavours, a combination of village vibe of Ubud with the delicious taste from the sea, which will easily allure seafood lovers. It will also be extended with an exploration of ingredients to meet a loving relationship between wine and food. The palate will be surprised with the cooking methods combining the traditional heritage with a new modern sensitivity. Strong links with the tradition can still be tasted through the style is independent and dynamic to reach a unique balance and harmony.

Open for dinner from 5pm, guest can enjoy the evening atmosphere while savouring some delicacies like Sea Soup from the Market, Tuna Salad offering a mix of the freshest vegetables and the flavourful taste of the ocean, or Tuna Crudo, a delicious and delicate with a touch of Stracciatella, topped with capers, mint and a basil oil.

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