Go West: Discover the Wonders of the Other Side of the Island

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Go West: Discover the Wonders of the Other Side of the Island

A famous travel tip says “travel like a local”. This does make a perfect sense as locals tend to visit and explore less-touristy spots, which sometimes lead to discovering hidden gems. If you see yourself as a curious traveller and wish to experience this island more than other visitors did, here are some not-so-popular yet amazing spots in the ‘almost’ untouched west side of Bali.

Batu Belah
Remain Hidden in the village of Dewasana, Jembrana Regency, the name describes the beauty of the place. Batu Belah means a huge rock cut in two and the water flows in between. This calming waterfall has a lagoon area, to which the water cascades gently. Seeing the clear, fresh and cool water, no wonder if you can’t resist jumping and dipping into this natural bathtub.

Batu Belah - insight bali
Photo credit @guspputra

Puncak Mawar 
Experience the sense of freedom as you stand at hundreds feets peak of a hill, overlooking the nature with city view of Negara District. Puncak Mawar was opened last year where you can enjoy the view and take some shots with properties provided, such as the big-size artificial rose (the icon), traditional bike and swing. Rose peak is situated near Batu Belah Waterfall.

Puncak Mawar - insight bali
Photo credit @putu.titin

Pasut Beach
Located in Tibiyu Village, Tabanan, about one hour drive from Kuta, Pasut Beach is an expansive black sand beach worth visiting. The sand is quite solid that you can drive your scooter along the shore. One thing that makes Pasut Beach stunning is the palm trees forest just a few steps from the beach. Go in the afternoon so you have enough time to explore and find the best spot. Play with the lines of palm trees, silhouette, composition – amazing sunset picture will be yours!

Pasut beach - insight bali
Photo credit @sofiapozuelo

Bunut Bolong
You may already have heard about this one, the Bunut Bolong, a unique, giant Banyan Tree with a big hole at the bottom of the tree. The hole itself is big enough that even a truck can pass through it. Make a visit and capture this wonderful creation of nature.

Bunut bolong - insight bali
Photo credit @rutashoots

Juwuk Manis Waterfall
Located near the unique sight of Bunut Bolong Tree, Juwuk Manis Waterfall is one that worth stopping by. A short walk is worth the effort in order to reach at the waterfall (the access is getting easier from time to time) through farms and greeneries. Crisp, clean and cool water is the characteristic of many waterfalls in West or central area of Bali. At Juwuk Manis, the water cascades from two adjoining fountains into a small lagoon. It’s quiet and considerably safe! By all means to take your time to experiment with different poses and angles for some excellent Instagram shots!

Juwuk manis waterfall - insight bali
Photo credit @surfitness_

Those destinations above are considerably located near to each other, creating a one-day itinerary to explore, and while at the same time, providing enough time for you to enjoy the beauty. Consider renting a scooter or use a 4-WD car service due to the hilly area and muddy tracks at some parts.

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