Glass Bridge: Newcomer Restaurant in Seminyak

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Glass Bridge: Newcomer Restaurant in Seminyak

China Glass Bridge inspired Restaurant has been recently opened in Seminyak. This newcomer restaurant starts to serve their customers in the mid of July 2019 and give Jalan Raya Seminyak a new decoration with its light-brown natural wooden furniture, full of glass building. In this distinctive unique architecture one can enjoy tasty Asian and Mediterranean food with an exceptional ambiance like no other places. Here are things you will get if you come by to this new restaurant. 

Mouthwatering International Food 

Glass Bridge fuses delicious taste of Sushi, Mediterranean and Asian combined with exciting cooking technique. Since opening, the Sushi is the star as it has more than seven variants. One of the best is Crabifornia, sushi with crab meat sesame seed and cucumber filled with mayonnaise. Yummy. For those who wanted to try variants of sushi or in search but not sure where to start or what might like, Glass Bridge’s sushi are worth a try.

Glass Bridge Seminyak

Truly unique to Glass Bridge is their offering of Ceviche. It is a combination of tamarind granita, young mango, coriander, green chili, peanut, onion and corn. At first, this cuisine seems like salad but more refreshing and cold served. This is one of the most famous Peruvian dishes. The sweet, sour and spicy in one bite gives a very refreshing taste. This food perfectly enjoy during afternoon time just when the weather is getting boiling hot.

Glass Bridge Seminyak Ceviche in Bali

And also the Duck Pancake where the meet combined with spring onion, cucumber and hoisin. The duck meat in this newcomer restaurant were cut  into thin strips and toss in the spice and pepper, so when it comes to the table the duck is thickly coated with the sauce. To eat this we need to roll up the meat with cucumber which being cut into matchstick within Chinese-style pancakes to resemble the Chinese classic.

Duck Pancake Bali Glass Bridge Seminyak

Not to mention the cocktail list that offers various items. They are colorful, fruity and above all, refreshing. Come and enjoy the happy hour with 50% discount of cocktails and beer on 3-6 pm everyday. Get your perfect companion to watch the legendary sunset on the second floor and enjoy another way of Seminyak. 

Stunning Decoration with Glass-Floor

The newcomer restaurant has the second floor and what makes this stunning was the glass that put on the floor so people above can see below clearly and vice versa.  The concept was similar to the iconic Glass Bridge in China that has gone viral and become the main reason why the restaurant adopting the same name. The owner strongly believed that it was the first restaurant which using glass on the floor in Bali or probably in Indonesia. Overlooking the main road of Seminyak, the second floor has also a 3D decoration painting for every photogenic moment. Above all, this place is totally instagramable. Along with good taste of foods, one will definitely get an atmosphere like no other restaurants on the island.

Glass Bridge New Comer Restaurant in Seminyak

Glass Bridge 

Jalan Raya Seminyak No 2. Phone/Reservation: 085246666546

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