Four Reasons to Stay in Romantic Villa, Aksari Resort Ubud

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Four Reasons to Stay in Romantic Villa, Aksari Resort Ubud

Ubud is getting more and more popularity by its enchanting beauty of nature and myriads of accommodations have been built. Above all, for those who want to stay near the magical of Ubud and immerse with the natural backdrop it is essential to choose perfect stay. Next month, a new villa, Aksari Ubud will starts to operate to complete one needs for best stay in Ubud. Whether come with family or spouse, Aksari Ubud has all of everyone needs during stay. In other words, the  villa compound is blessed with the incredible rice paddies scenery, brisk-flowing irrigation canals, small river and lush vegetation. Nestled in a village right alongside lush greenery jungle and rice paddies, Aksari Ubud has zen vibe and  romantic ambiance that worth to visit.

Taste a global cuisine in two International restaurants

Aksari Ubud is aware that the food is not about the taste, appetite, or even price. The food is all about how civilizations has been made and crafting the future. We can taste not only the local cuisine to feel and see the past and present of Bali, but also global cuisine from Asian to Western. There are two restaurants that will serve appetizing cuisine in Aksari Ubud: Ankhusa International Restaurant and Kojin Restaurant.

Ankhusa Restaurant

We can slurp renowned local coffee of Bali Kintamani, enjoy our favourite food and at the same time immerse with the beauty of surrounding as the Ankusha has eco luxurious setting that accentuates the beauty of the menu and nature. The menu, which has an array of international food  is designed to give optimal nutrition for the guest aimed to nurturing the body. Apart from that, Ankusha also provides a culture and the way of life of Balinese as the restaurant facing the rice terraces which using a Subak system,  that dates back to the 9th century. Decorated with Balinese modern-style, Ankusha is best for a hub social activity and dine with family. Originate its name from Ganesha’s weapon, Ankhusa became a symbol of prosperity and fertility and that’s why they have local cuisine signature like the roasted duck, chicken satay, fried rice and laksa.

Kojin Restaurant

Kojin has strong modern-Japanese decoration and opens for lunch and dinner. It has various menu from Sushi, Sashimi, Tempura, Rice Bowls, Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki, options of noodles and not to-be-missed its signature Teppanyaki. As many guests ask for the best Japanese food, Kojin strive to be one of the best restaurant in Ubud by which serving Japanese cuisine. The well-trained chefs will make the appetizing cuisine with local ingredients.

Lounge, spa, gym for mind and body wellness

The Ganapati lounge offers unique treatment where the guest are treated just like in coffee or beach clubs. The guests could get the local coffee or coconut water with serenity views of Ubud. Ganapati lounge, which is derived from another name of Ganesha, a popular god for Balinese and Hindus is one of the most appealing aspect during stay in Aksari Resort Ubud and lies close to Avani Spa, a traditional Balinese spa that serves best health retreat. The Aksari Resort Ubud also complemented with the gym and hence, these facilities are aim for mind, body and souls wellness.

Villa with romantic ambiance and extraordinary decoration

Every single rooms of Aksari Resort Ubud are designed for romantic stay and the needs of modern travellers. Completed with 5-star hospitality services for pleasant experience during stay. The villas have been built to respect the surrounding environment through Balinese decoration as well. From the door to the bedroom and all rooms are well-designed for memorable stay that brings you truly Balinese ambiance. The rooms ranging from one bedroom and two bedroom private pool villa to suit forest view.  

One bedroom private pool villa is designed to capturing premium views of Ubud’s breathtaking scenery. The one bedroom room complemented with a private infinity pool, wooden gazebo and bathtub towards the lush greenery jungle of Ubud. For those who seek for romantic and intimate stay, this unit are worthy. Surprised your spouse by selected romantic decoration for a memorable experience like romantic candle light in the pool, romantic full flower decoration   and an array of romantic ornament during your stay.

Floating breakfast in infinity pool

Strives to be luxury romantic villa for every couples, Aksari Resort Ubud offers a notable breakfast that floats in front of us or known as floating breakfast. In fact, it is better than any dining experience as the best quality of food, the beauty of views surrounding, love affairs moment and insta-worth. We can relax in the comfort of private pool while enjoying the breakfast selections on a large floating tray. This is the ultimate indulgence for a honeymooner or for those who celebrating the spirit of love during they stay. All that we need is just slip into the swimwear, enjoying the floating breakfast in a setting overlooking the beauty of Ubud’s terraced landscape.

Aksari Resort Ubud. Jl Raya Desa Kenderan, No 88x, Tegalalang, Ubud. Phone: +6282 213 022 899

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