Experiences Delicious Chocolate in Krakakoa Seminyak

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Experiences Delicious Chocolate in Krakakoa Seminyak

For those who wanted an experience of a new way to enjoy chocolate or hot boiling Seminyak, Krakakoa Seminyak has made a twist.  In Bali, one can visit chocolate tourism in Krakakoa store and have everything about chocolate as the shop dedicated for those who looking for an experience that is altogether informative, impactful, and gastronomic and lovers of chocolate cannot miss with this fabulously decadent destination. Despite having roots in Lampung, Krakakoa had no problems picking up members of its team to find a new home in Bali. Since its opening in July 2018, the Krakakoa Bali Factory & Store has attracted curious visitors who walk in,  either accidentally or on purpose to seek out their fill of chocolate for the day. The store is fully stocked with Krakakoa’s chocolate, available for purchase to be enjoyed on the spot, or to be taken back home as a gift.

Krakakoa Seminyak as a New Chocolate Tourism

In the corner of the shop lies fully-functional mini factory where guests can take a glimpse into the production process of their favorite Krakakoa chocolate bars. Here, customers can enjoy an educational session of making their own chocolate bars from scratch, for a fully immersive culinary experience. Every day between 10.30 AM and 1.00 PM the doors are opened to guests who will receive a brief course in the steps that go into turning cocoa beans into chocolate, before enjoying a guided tasting session to help them better identify the notes and flavours in all Krakakoa bars. Finally, guests will be given the chance to decorate their own bespoke chocolate bars to bring home and enjoy with loved ones.

chocolate bar in Bali

Complemented with Unique Coffee Bar

Krakakoa Seminyak also present on-site is a fully-stocked coffee bar with friendly barista at the ready to serve customers their caffeine intake for the day. Don’t leave, without first cooling down from the heat with an icy cup of Krakakoa’s signature Frozen Hot Chocolate, a rich, sweet treat made with selected chocolate.

Krakakoa Seminyak

Krakakoa Seminyak

Jl. Raya Seminyak No.57, Seminyak.

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