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Escape the Room in Bali

Well, you won’t receive an invitation in a form of a mysterious black box, as in the recently released movie, Escape Room. We hope you had seen that movie at the theatre. The one-hour-and-a-half-movie brings us into the situation in which the actors are required to think fast in a very limited time, making you hold your breath for a moment for a ‘fiuhhh’ release after they find the clue. Now, what if it is you in a similar situation? Can you solve those clues and escape? Do you dare to test your intelligence and quick thinking ability? You can do it in Bali.

Started in Jakarta in early 2014, Totem Room Escape is a creator of a real room escape, now available in 4 cities across Indonesia. Forget about the nightmare part of the movie, Totem Room Escape puts safety and fun as their priority of the services. On designing the room, they are mixing puzzles with high tech gadgets, wrapped in themed decorated rooms to make an extraordinary experience for its guests.

On the island of Bali, visitors can find Totem Room Escape at Seminyak, within spitting distance of Seminyak Square shopping store. One thing a visitor must do prior to joining is to make up a team as visitors must be in a group minimal of 2 people to play. Totem Room Escape allows maximum 8 people in a group, which can probably be chaos during the play. The ideal would be four to five people.

After finding teammates, it is the time to pick up the challenge. There are six rooms to choose, offering different themes and settings, and kind of clues to solve. One of them is the Chocolate Factory, the easiest and designed for kids. The other five will take you into different worlds. Try their best sellers Locked in Darkland and Mission Impossible if not sure which rooms to enter.

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It is clear that the mission into finding and cracking a series of clues, codes, puzzles and tasks, BUT it is not your own pleasure time – you only have a maximum of 60 minutes to escape. Solve them quick or you will be haunted by the thoughts of why you don’t think about the clue this way or that way during your weekend time. Kidding! There is no punishment if you fail, you need to only put your picture, joining with others, into the ‘wall of shame’. Are you up for this challenge?

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