Bias Tugel Beach: One Laze Day at the Beach

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Bias Tugel Beach: One Laze Day at the Beach

Small, tranquil beach, reachable via short trek, with vendors offering food, beer & umbrellas – that’s what Google will tell you about Bias Tugel Beach, located not far from Padangbali Ship port in Karangasem, Bali. While it is no longer hidden beach, yet its location which is far away from tourist points, Bias Tugel Beach will still offer tranquillity and a relaxing lazy beach day. Though, reaching the beach will require you some efforts to walk down through the paved stairs for about 10 minutes. No worry, the effort will be paid off.

Bias Tugel Beach is a small stretch of white sand beach, mixed with a little trace of black sands, flanked by quite large rocks. From the top, one can see the crystal blue ocean water, and upon reaching the beach area the clear water is before the eyes inviting to take a dip or simply sunbathe on the beach. If the tide is low during the visit, exploring to the left side of the beach area is a must, as you will find some natural lagoon pool where you can enjoy your time soaking up. Although this is not recommended on high tide as the water level will cover all the lagoon, thus the waves are not safe.

If underwater life is your thing, Bias Tugel Beach is an interesting place for snorkelling. The clear water sea allows you to enjoy the unspoiled views below in deep water. Snorkelling and diving equipment are available for rent from some small warungs around the beach. Otherwise, simply enjoy the day with refreshing coconut at the sunbed here will not make you feel bored. As you look far into the horizon, ships reaching to and embark from the port of Padangbali provides a good view, and might further ignite you to imagination zone as you mind travel past memories or the world of possibilities of your life.

This sounds like a good idea of avoiding the crowds, true? And if you are ready to go, the best way to find Bias Tugel Beach is following the road direction to Padangbai port. Not far from the actual port, local signs will guide you to taking turn direction to the beach parking lot.

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