Mark Your Calendar for the 12th BaliSpirit Festival

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Mark Your Calendar for the 12th BaliSpirit Festival

From 24 until 31 March, everyone who puts the self-care and personal wellness on their top priority of their 2019 resolutions can make significant steps toward the dreams by joining the full-week program of BaliSpirit Festival, promising inspirations, new discovery and opportunities to affect positive changes. Through yoga to meditation, dance, breathwork, healing and authentic relating, the festival opens a space of transformation through inner and outer exploration, connection and community. A life-changing moment to let the old behind and invite a new state of self-restoration!

This year, the 12th event explores the theme “Restore The Balance”, expected to bring in more visitors to the celebration. Last year in 2018, the festival gathered more than 8000 visitors from over 60 nations during this 7 days 8 nights event. In this fast-spinning world in which technologies and works take more and more of one’s time, the theme is definitely relevant, inviting an individual to set aside the digital distractions in favour of soul-to-soul connections, making new friends in the real world, embracing new ideas, and expanding the wisdom of life.

Bali Spirit Festival - insight bali

No matter if you are arriving as a solo traveller or with your friends, you’ll experience not only an international array of more than a hundred presenters from a broad range of spiritual and yogic disciplines but also a deep sense of connection with everybody joining the festival. Sharing hugs and smiles with like-minded people is not only encouraged, but it is also a common part of the festival experience, just as participation and authentic expression are.

As there are many ways to Rome, the festival provides an abundance of options for each individual’s journey of restoring the balance. The festival’s curated lineups present more than 150 presenters from around the globe, ensuring a good timeline of workshops and classes, concert and DJ nights, holistic healing and yoga. The festival’s all-time favourite performers like yoga teacher Tymi Howard, author and teacher Jeffrey Armstrong, and Taoism yoga teacher Ronan Tang will be back to the stage along with some new faces on BaliSpirit Festival like Forrest yoga teacher Chester Tan and a spiritual teacher from India Deva Dwabha. More lineups can be explored on the official website on a well-designed categorization of Yoga & Meditation, Dance & Martial Arts, Healing, Seminars, and more. Take a moment to look at the daily schedule, or simply buy the Festival Pass to get all access to the visitor can simply follow the instinct. If you are ready to purchase the ticket now, you can still benefit from the Early Bird price until the end of January.

Bali Spirit Festival - insight bali

In addition to all those agendas below, Dharma Fair and The Night Market will keep you fuelled by fresh coconut water, nutritional meals and high vibrational organic foods from the island. All of this inspirational and refreshing week event will take place at Punati Center for the Arts, a 15-minute drive from Ubud. Amidst the outstanding lush green rice fields and jungle patches, the visitor can also have personal time for integration and relaxation, Savasana, meditation and nature walks, to simply process all the new inspiration from the festival.

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