Bali Zoo: Fun Family Day with Elephants and Orangutans

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Bali Zoo: Fun Family Day with Elephants and Orangutans

Your journey at the zoo will start very early That might be too much to handle for the nightcrawlers. However, a morning schedule at Bali Zoo promises an exceptional experience! From the hotel you are staying at, the van will take you straight to Bali Zoo in Singapadu, Gianyar. Located in between of Kuta – Ubud route, the lush zoological park is a home of over 300 rare and exotic animals. First opened to the public in 2002, the park has grown from an animal entertainment park to a more conversation-focused park, emphasizing the motto “Love, Conserve, Share.” The Bali Zoo then becomes a great place to get ‘Zoological’ with Wildlife in Paradise. In addition to having exotic animals in eco-friendly habitats, and allowing guests to have interaction with the animals (feeding, petting, play), Bali Zoo continues to create spaces for animals and visitors where both will enjoy interaction and connection as natural as possible.

Providing a day fun for all ages, the general zoo admission will give you access to explore the park and meet different kinds of animals. The general admission is also inclusive of the entrance to the parks’ Jungle Splash Waterplay, providing an afternoon fun, wet, time to the kids. A good solution for parents to keep their kids active while they can enjoy their time over a cup of coffee or tea. In addition, Bali Zoo has several unique packages allowing you to experience a personal interaction and connection with some of the animals. These packages bring you closer to the animals as you will spend more time doing activities. As the highlight, here are two morning-experiences to make your day exceptional at Bali Zoo

Elephant Mud Fun
Bali Zoo’s newest half-day package, Elephant Mud Fun, offers a morning fun and excitement, allowing you to get down and dirty with friendly Sumatran elephants while also discovering all about their behaviour and lifestyle from the experienced mahout handlers. Upon arriving at Bali Zoo’s Kampung Sumatra area around 8AM, you’ll receive a brief introduction to the programme while enjoying a complimentary snack and coffee or tea. An English-speaking will then tell you about the gentle giants you’re about to meet and interact with. The staff will also provide you with a selection of fruit for feeding.

At 9AM, the mahout will escort you to the river bank, introduce to free-roaming elephants and invite you to play, feed, interact and take photos with them. Here’s the fun starts! Take your shirt off for the elephant spa time! Get covered in mud along with your new elephant friends who love getting dirty. During the fun experience, you will learn interesting fact that basking in the mud is the elephant’s way to keep their body temperature cool, especially in summer months.

After the mud fun, you will walk with the elephants down to the nearby clean and fresh water of River Wos. Enjoy the last session of fun together with the elephant with splashing, bathing, and scrubbing down activities. Once the elephants are clean, take some final photos for memento as you will be escorted to the zoo area for a shower and relaxing lunch.

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Breakfast with Orangutans
Alternatively, if you prefer to enjoy a more slow, peaceful and pleasurable morning, opt for the best-selling package ‘Breakfast with Orangutans’. Arriving in the morning, you can enjoy the blissful morning of fresh air, chirping birds while walking to Gayo Restaurant at Kampung Sumatra area. A pack of playful orangutans are already doing morning activities in the playground as you take your seat for breakfast. It is entertaining and mood lifting to see those innocent orangutans in eco-friendly habitats, expressing themselves in freedom. A scrumptious breakfast is served during Breakfast with Orangutan, ranging from assorted tropical fruits or fruit juice, freshly baked bread, and several optional choices of the main course. Nothing better to complete your breakfast that a cup of Balinese coffee or English breakfast tea.

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Dinner with The Great Elephants
If visiting Bali Zoo in the morning isn’t something that you are up to, the park has another unique evening experience, Dinner With The Great Elephants. This evening programme starts at 5PM with an afternoon animal tour before heading to Gayo Restaurant overlooking the Sumatran elephant’s park. During the dinner, you will be entertained with cultural performance with elephants taking part in. A troupe of elephants will lead in the performers for a Saman dance (the Dance of a Thousand Hands) on the Green Stage. Saman is a fast-paced traditional dance from the Gayo ethnic group of Sumatra that is usually performed to commemorate important occasions. The elephants will also lead in another performer of a fire dance inspired by the legendary great battle between the Hanoman, the white monkey God, and Ravana, the great King of Lanka, as told in the Hindu epic poem, the Ramayana.

bali zoo - insight bali

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