Alaya Resort Ubud: Ubud’s Dreamy Honeymoon Destination

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Alaya Resort Ubud: Ubud’s Dreamy Honeymoon Destination

For people planning a honeymoon vacation, Bali is the apt choice. With its pristine, sweeping seas and cobalt blue skies, this island has become a mecca for honeymooners. And quite fairly so, because it has so much to offer, right from lush green jungles to sapphire seas. From long dreamy walks to picture-perfect locales, Bali has it all. It is breath-taking, exotic, tranquil, entertaining and adventurous all at once — everything you could possibly want in a honeymoon. From lush green stepped rice terraces to mind-blowing waterfalls and mystical temples, Ubud remains as a magnet attracting those couples in love. This is the kind of place that honeymooners will enjoy spending quality time, soaking up all the glorious beauty that the area has to offer.

Just an hour’s drive north of the airport, and set in the green terraced hills, Ubud is in many ways Bali’s cultural heart. It is one of those places where a vacation of a few days can easily turn into a stay of weeks, months or even years. This is a place where traditional Balinese culture instils every waking moment, where colourful offerings embellish the streets and where the mesmerising strains of gamelan are an ever-present soundtrack to everyday life. It is also somewhere that is inexorably on trend – a showcase of ecological design, mindfulness, culinary ingenuity and the absolute best that global tourism has to offer.

Also well known as a flourishing crafts centre, here you can expect to find hundreds of shops selling high-quality antiques, woodcarvings, crafts, textiles, paintings and jewellery. Seamlessly lined along the main street are dozens of art studios, an excellent local craft market and galleries. The Ubud Royal Palace, The Sacred Monkey Forest and the famous Ubud Art Market are a ‘must’ list on every tourist’s itinerary. Although tourism in Ubud has been very progressive in the last few years, there is still a certain serenity and joy to be found in the fresh air. The town has become a popular and peaceful retreat from the nearby areas famous for partying. With everything from sumptuous vegan eats, cleanses, to every type of yoga and healing imaginable, this is where the Western spirituality and Balinese traditions live in harmony. That being said, those coming for relaxation and/or rejuvenation, Ubud may very well be the most enchanted holiday of your life.

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When you are on your honeymoon, choosing the apt resort becomes inevitable. After all, your stay in Bali will be governed by the choice of amenities you have around you and, no doubt, the most beautiful rooms you stay with your loved one. Alaya Resort Ubud is an upscale, lush property with authentic Balinese charm and rice paddy views, which make it one of the popular choices made by honeymooners. With rooms exuberating luxury and elegance, Alaya Resort Ubud is a sanctuary of peacefulness and sophistication in the culturally exciting village of Ubud. Built with exceptional sensitivity towards Mother Nature, the property shares its rice terrace views with a number of communities like local independent cafes and eateries. As part of Ubud’s evolving hospitality, the outlandish boutique property offers guests a classy place to stay that mirrors Ubud’s and Bali’s unique creativity. This elegant hotel, with a distinct sense of belonging, caters to all the needs of a couple who want their honeymoon to roll out not less than a fairy-tale.

Couples can choose between extravagant Deluxe rooms or the superior and sophisticated Suites owing to their preference. The Deluxe rooms provide a soothing environment to chill out after a hectic day of sight-seeing in Ubud. They house cosy base featuring clean-line furnishings, a smart en-suite bathroom and an ornamental wall that showcases Bali’s creative heritage. A private terrace or balcony fuses impeccably into the outdoors providing extra space to sit and relax. The Alaya Suite rooms, on the other hand, redefine the belief of island-inspired luxury and has been shaped to anticipate every possible honeymoon holiday need for the much-excited couples. This expansive category simply imparts itself to relaxation with ingenious areas to sleep, unwind and bathe in style. A comforting decor with tailored furnishing and personal touches gives the suites an air of superiority. Room amenities include everything right for air conditioner and ceiling fans (indoor and outdoor), luxurious bathtubs, safe deposit box, minibar, laundry service, Kimonos, LCD TV and all other basic necessities to make your stay smooth and happy.

Alaya Resort Ubud - Insight bali

If you are looking for tailor-made plans to make your day exciting as a tourist in Ubud, Alaya Resort Ubud is the right place. The team here is well-trained to carefully organise a range of impressive outdoor experiences for those couples who want to have some fun and adventure with their beloved. Whether it is shopping in the local market, culinary quest or an elephant safari, whatever your notion of the perfect honeymoon, the well-informed team at Alaya are ready to help you make the most of your much-valued time.

In case you are looking for a delightful culinary experience to learn some fantastic cooking for your better half, Alaya Resort Ubud gives you the ultimate experience right from picking up ingredients at the local market to cooking up some of Bali’s widespread and lip-smacking dishes. Cooking close to nature in an open kitchen, the resident chef will equip you with a valuable insight into the various techniques, traditional and modern cooking style used in Balinese homes. Guaranteed to discover the hot flavours of Balinese cuisine, these classes will open doors to the exotic ingredients and unique culinary heritage of Bali.

A traditional Balinese dome centred right at the base of Alaya Ubud’s charming landscape overlooking a small flowing river and surrounded by native flora provides an array of different activities including sessions of yoga or meditation. It also hosts culturally-inspired classes for Balinese dance and cooking sessions. This can also be beautifully set up for a night of romantic candlelight dinner.

After a day of intensive Ubud exploration, the Bamboo Bar, with its conventionally thatched rooftop and island-inspired design, is the perfect spot to unwind and relax with your partner. This delightful poolside facility, open daily from 9AM until 6PM, is the social hub of the resort, famous for serving refreshments with a tropical twist from a wide-range of succulent eateries and refreshing beverages. Satiate your thirst with an energy-boosting juice or indulge in your favourite cocktail, beer or spirit mix.

However, as honeymooners, one of the experiences you will be looking forward to the most is a dreamy and magical dinner date with your partner. Not to worry at all, Alaya Resort Ubud hosts the best of dinner buffets in Ubud!

Sheltered within a breezy Ubud rice field, Manisan Bali is a beautifully designed space that remains delicate to the island’s rich cultural heritage. It provides the perfect scenery to showcase the diverse and exotic flavours of the Indonesian archipelago in style. The tables are laid out under a traditional Joglo style structure, with an open-plan design opening out to views of lavish rice paddies that surround the resort. The private Joglo lounge offers the lovebirds a perfect ambience for a romantic and intimate Candlelight Dinner.

Alaya Resort Ubud - Insight bali

Your special evening includes a stylish adornment and fresh flower blossoms that permeates into the night air with a heavenly scent. Be sure to make the bookings a day in advance to help the team set up your romantic backdrop without any compromise. The location is especially striking after dark, as the pathway leading to this dining venue is vividly lit up by lanterns. Open daily for lunch and dinner from 11AM to 11PM with weekly Themed Night Dinner accompanied by Live Legong, Ramayana Dance and Barong Performance every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, this restaurant provides a delectable range of menu to choose from.

Embracing the authentic flavours of Indonesia and carefully curated by some top Indonesia chefs, Manisan offers its eager guests a genuine dining experience featuring home-style dishes cooked with honesty flavours from across the world. Prepared by following some time-tested recipes, each dish celebrates the spirit and diversity of Bali and transports its diners on a delightful culinary journey. For an evening of local flavour and feel, the Balinese Night with Barong Dance celebrates the island’s imaginative spirit. A superb buffet dinner, featuring live cooking stations, takes guests on an outlandish journey with an array of tasty dishes. All themed dinners at Manisan Restaurant – Alaya Resort Ubud are open for in-house guests as well as outside visitors. For a memorable evening of fabulous food and cultural entertainment, try to book the first rows near the stage. Manisan is definitely a charming creation that charms those looking for a unique feast with a cultural twist.

Alaya Resort Ubud - insight bali
Manisan Bali

The other restaurant in Alaya Resort Ubud is Petani, which rejoices the diversity of Asian food with a menu driven by farm-fresh ingredients and in-season delicacies. Petani serves the gastronomic needs with an amusing menu of flavoursome dishes. Every plate is layered with mysterious flavours for an overwhelming taste sensation that will dawdle long after the meal is over. This smart dining venue has its own take on East meets West cooking.

For a relaxing afternoon with your better half at Alaya Resort Ubud, do not miss out on visiting the DaLa Spa and open the gates to the age-old Indonesian beauty rituals. Designed to take the experience of Balinese relaxation to the next level, DaLa Spa unfolds the art of true personal indulgence with a plethora of luxury spa rituals in Bali. With a serene and calm setting, DaLa spa lies adjacent to a plush rice terrace and overlooks a small flowing river edged by native trees and tropical flora. It is a devoted space for personal indulgence where the old-time Indonesian restorative and beauty traditions are put into practice to recharge the body, mind and spirit.

Alaya resort Ubud - insight bali

A cluster of six treatment rooms is available for couples. Each room significantly named after an exotic flower, unveils its own unique vintage-inspired style, colour palette and character. Delicate lighting, calming blends of essential oils and mood enhancing music take guests on a sensual journey. As twilight falls, this space becomes an intimate setting for romantic dining with flaming candles and soft music to celebrate the spirit of love. Though a variety of beauty and rejuvenating treatments are provided in DaLa spa, one of the signatures, which also be a very popular treatment is Manis Klepon. Inspired by the colourful ingredients of the traditional Balinese rice flour cake, the treatment starts with an elaborate foot bath ritual using a mixture of fresh ingredients to soothe your nerves. It is then followed by an exfoliating coconut and palm sugar scrub to remove the dead skin cells. Then a fragrant body mask made of Pandanus and Suji leaves is applied to release a cooling sensation. Next, a beautiful bunch of flowers are soaked in a bathtub filled with warm water for you to relax and wash off the body mask. The heavenly fragrance of the natural ingredients instantly boosts up the mood, while at the same time, soothes your body and soul. The treatment ends with a one-hour authentic Balinese massage using long strokes and different pressure points for the ultimate relaxing experience. The well-trained therapists at DaLa Spa will ensure that you have the best of spa treatment by giving a refreshing Chamomile facial mist to mark the end of your session. Last but not least, as you step out in the lounge area, you will be served with Ginger Tea and especially crafted Manis Klepon snacks. DaLa spa is a luxury spa where each guest is treated with warmth and care. Friendly staff, intricately designed rooms and well-trained therapists assure you of a spa experience that will linger on you.

So if you are keen to make your honeymoon memories vivid and cherishable, Alaya Resort Ubud can be the right place to head on. Not only it guarantees a majestic stay, but it also ensures you and your beloved keep coming back to Bali.

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