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Moving slowly, a tourist in casual outfit pedals his bicycle almost effortlessly. A woman, probably his partner, follows behind on her own bicycle. They are exploring the main street of Sanur; out passing pedestrians at the sidewalk; sharing the road with motorbikes and cabs. Both pedestrians and bicyclists are well accommodated in this area.

Known as one of the major pioneers of Bali tourism, Sanur still maintains its relaxing atmosphere while seamlessly adding a vibe of modernity. Not too quiet, not too noisy, Sanur today attracts younger generations who travel solo, with couple, or in a small group of friends to spend more quality time. It is also due to the role of Sanur as the embarking point to the neighbouring popular destinations of Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida.

Whether you are intending to put Sanur on your itinerary or just passing your way to the neighbouring islands, this one-day list of things to do in Sanur is worth considering.

The Magical Sunrise 

Although it was several decades ago since the prominent figure Jawaharlal Nehru’s morning walk in Sanur with Indonesia’s first president Soekarno and said that Bali is the morning of the world, the magic is still there. You are able to watch that glorious minutes when the complete dark fades away and the universe paints the sky with a beautiful gradation of dark blue to red. Finally, the sun rises from below the horizon of the ocean. A good reason to set your morning alarm at 5AM, doesn’t it?

Sunrise at sanur - insight bali
Photo credit @zelmaconder

Jogging, Cycling, Canoeing or Picnic by the Beach 

The highlight of Sanur is its coastal stretch of beaches – each has its own name. A few of them are Matahari Terbit Beach, Sindhu Beach and Karang Beach. Those beaches are connected with a line of a well-paved boardwalk. In the morning or afternoon, you will meet other fellows of joggers, cyclists or dog walkers. Alternatively, you can go canoeing as it is available at a small amount of fee. The beaches here are protected by the offshore reef, creating a shallow and safe lagoon area, such a perfect spot for family with little kids.

Cycling in sanur - insight bali
Photo credit @thevoiceofsanur

Taman Festival Bali 

Located near Padang Galak Beach, just a stone’s throw from Matahari Terbit Beach, Taman Festival Bali is a ruined entertainment park, which surprisingly triggers curiosity of travellers. Dreaming to be one of the most spectacular entertainment parks in Southeast Asia, Taman Festival Bali was closed down because of the 1998 economic recession. The power of nature takes charge, but travellers can still explore the remaining buildings. Thanks to street artists who give a life to this complex with colourful murals. Here’s one spoiler: check out the Turbo Theater.

Taman festival sanur - insight bali
Photo credit @ella_kusmaeva

Eat the Locals Way

For local visitors, a visit to Sanur is not complete without Lumpiang. A local food consisting of a mix of spring roll, tofu and fried tempeh topped with sauce, Lumpiang can be easily found along the beach. Spot a local seller who put a rectangle transparent box on his/her head to buy the food from. It’s only IDR 5,000 per portion. At dinner time, go to Sindhu Night Market. Here, you will find many local food street stalls offering Indonesian food like satay, noodle, mixed rice available at a budget price range.

Sanur Night Market - insight bali

Go Classy 

If you prefer more classy options for your dinner, there are a lining of fancy restaurants along the Tamblingan Street to choose from. Or, turn to the beach’s boardwalk for beachside alternatives. Live music performances and some beach clubs with chill tunes normally start from 5PM until 11PM.

Beach club in sanur - insight bali
Photo credit @byrdhousebeachclubbali

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