10 Restaurants with A Stunning View

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10 Restaurants with A Stunning View

From Asian to European, from Nusa Dua to Buleleng, Bali is a home for foodies that provides a wide variety of cuisine and beverages. The rapid growth of restaurants offers so many choices of food that are mouthwatering and picturesque. However, world-class food and rich of taste meal are not enough. Hence, these restaurants trying to find another way to enjoying the food. A stunning view whilst we eat for a memorable moment.

1.      Ju-Ma-Na

Ju-Ma-Na is well-known as French cuisine with Japanese twist restaurant for an inventive gourmet experience. Many people said that Ju-Ma-Na is the best place for scenic dining in the southernmost cliff due to delicious cuisine and the scenery. Moreover, Ju-Ma-Na is the ideal spot for an evening of relaxation after a bustling day. Outside the room, dining tables are well-positioned with minimalist setup and tall ceilings. It makes Ju-Ma-Na a sense of spaciousness. The distant horizon and a clean sandy coastline against rock formations are clearly visible through the glass. Inside the room, we can hear the natural ocean sounds and sea breezes with outstanding views. From this spot, we can enjoy the breathtaking views, the inventive cocktails and exquisite gourmet food. What a perfect vantage point for admiring the stunning Indian Ocean.


Jl Ungasan, South Kuta, Badung Regency. Phone: (0361) 3007000

2.   La Plancha

Once we come to this restaurant, sense two places at the same time. Spain and Bali. Some people loved this place so dearly as its food and some others prefer for a best place where they can see a legendary sunset in the southern of Bali. Situated towards the sea in Seminyak, La Plancha opened in 2010 and at first try to offers Spanish-styled restaurant and bar. The brightly coloured, vintage structure was designed to bring something different to Bali whilst maintaining and respecting the natural beauty of local environment. The concept is we can eat a Spanish and local food while sitting on the brightly coloured bean bag chairs. It has been more colorful because the chairs combined with the traditional Balinese umbrellas. Hence, we can saw the integration of the two cultures and that is why this place has so many customers and photogenic. Often people come for dining experience and indulgent with sunset. Moreover, La Plancha also offer for breakfast that arranged from 8.00 am to 11.30 am. This makes La Plancha as the only restaurant in Seminyak which provide very late breakfast.

La Plancha

Jl Pantai Mesari, Seminyak, Kuta, Badung Regency. Phone: 087861416310

3.   Swept Away

Swept Away at The Samaya Ubud is an iconic restaurant and situated beautifully on the river banks of Ayung River. With a  selection of comfort foods inspired from the local flavors to international favorites, Swept Away is ideal for a relaxing lunch or a romantic dinner. Special arrangements can be made for an intimate dinner by the waters surrounded by romantic candle light with a special local menu. In another hand, we can sit back overlooking the green hillside and vast rice fields. This scene provides us an enchanting natural beauty of  Ubud. With its luxurious yet romantic ambience, this place is a good restaurant for enjoying the sunset or even a place to savoring Balinese traditional gamelan music.

Swept Away

Jl Banjar Baung, Sayan village, Ubud. Phone: 0361-973 606

4.      Sake No Hana

Since opened in February 2018, Sake No Hana brings modern authentic Japanese dining to the cliffs of Uluwatu in the southern of  Bali. Once we entering the restaurant, the interiors that inspired by nature are welcomed us. Several spots inside the restaurant provide diners with panoramic ocean views through the wood crafted open air cage. In another spots, Sake No Hana offers more relaxed environment under the minimalist contemporary light installation which emanates​ a golden glow throughout the restaurant to create a truly unique dining experience. Overall, Sake No Hana boasting majestic and interminable views of the Indian Ocean while we have scrumptious foods on the table.

Sake No Hana

Jl. Belimbing Sari, Uluwatu, South Kuta, Badung Regency. Phone: (0361)8482150

5.      Alaya Hotels & Resort

The enchanting natural beauty that await in Ubud has attracted thousands of people across the world. This is what Alaya Hotels and Resort try to offers with two renowned restaurants: Petani Restaurant and Manisan. Each place are designed with such a great taste that gives romantic ambiance or even a family gathering. While we sitting back and enjoying our meal, we can see some awe-inspiring landscape. Both Petani and Manisan Restaurant relatively quiet place where we can enjoy the nature of Bali and a place where we can eat variety of traditional cuisine. In another way, some sort of traditional Balinese pavilion at the base of restaurants charming landscape overlooks a small flowing river and surrounded by native flora. There’s also a Joglo building that gives a distinctive dinner experience.

Alaya Hotels & Resort

Jl Hanoman, Ubud, Gianyar Regency. Phone: (0361) 972200/846 8925

6.      Kubu at Mandapa

Kubu refers to an old bamboo huts. A building where farmers store their annual rice harvest. That is the philosophy behind this restaurant. Striving to brings traditional design and connection to the land inspired the latest experience. The restaurant focuses on Mediterranean-European cuisine prepared with Bali-sourced ingredients. The space has a romantic air with the Ayung River flowing alongside and private dining cocoons for intimate meals and memorable vacation. A tropical breeze and the soothing sound of water set the mood at Kubu which offers an intimate moment.

Kubu at Mandapa

Jl Kedewatan, Banjar Kedewatan, Ubud. Gianyar Regency. Phone: (62) 361 4792777

7.   Bella Seafood and Cafe

Bela Seafood and Cafe provides a variety of fresh seafood with an option of being grilled or deep fried with a side of their signature sauce. This is truly healthy food, includes lobster, crab, squid, shrimp, a number of different fish as well as vegetables. Located at Jimbaran bay, the atmosphere is second to none. This restaurant set right on the beach with the waves lapping up over the sand and our healthy food upon the table. Here, we can have a fantastic dining experience and most of people come during dinner together with sunset.

Bella Seafood and Cafe

Jl Hotel Four Season, Jimbaran, South Kuta.  Badung Regency. Phone: (0361) 708808

8.      Samabe

Samabe presents a feast of savory dishes, using only the finest ingredients, in a variety of unique settings. For those who want a bold taste food, this restaurant is a good one. Taste distinguished fine cuisine with variety of food like a fresh seafood and steaks. Sip a cocktail and savor light meals, before or after dinner. Or for those who want more traditional, Samabe offers traditional tea and healthy herbal drinks as well. On the top of that, we can enjoy all of these foods with the beautiful views and feel the natural breeze and in the informal open-air setting. Samabe put its restaurant with several background. One of the most favorite is private cave setting, that probably the best place we must visit. Here  we can sense a tasteful cuisine within astonishing cave full with decoration. The nature around the Samabe blessed with white sand beach and naturally formed cave as a background of it. A dining experience where we cannot have it anywhere else.


Jalan Pura Barong-Barong Sawangan, Nusa Dua. (0361) 8468633

9.      Sardine

Rice paddies scenery, mouthwatering food and sunset. Sardine is all about these things. Nestled in Petitenget, Sardine is a charming restaurant with old Bali style, housed in a striking bamboo structure overlooking a vista of endless rice paddies. The working rice fields which the restaurant faces are tended daily by the local farmers. Here, the cuisine is as inspired as the decor and there is a special small bites menu on offer. In addition, all of the ingredients are come from organic farm in the Munduk Valley and builds the menu around local seafood. This makes Sardine has huge fans. They mix of amazing culture and international amenities.


Jl. Petitenget No.21, North Kuta, Badung Regency. Phone: 08113978333.

10.  Oneeightyo

Last but not least, for those looking to celebrate a special occasion in style or romantic dinners, the answer is Oneeighty0.  This restaurant has world-class wine from different label around the world. It also serves a simple salad and spring menu. Apart from the cuisine and the wine, the reputation of Oneeighty0 is soaring due to the location that overlooking the edge’s stunning Indian Ocean. This restaurant set about 500 feet above the ocean and equipped with a glass-bottom sky pool. This place is quite luxurious yet romantic. So that, this restaurant is strictly limited. We must book early to avoid disappointment.  


Jl. Pura Goa Lempeh, Uluwatu. Phone: (0361) 8470700

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